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Riot Games Bounces Back with New Hiring Wave for Valorant and Beyond

Riot Games Bounces Back with New Hiring Wave for Valorant and Beyond
Written by: ASH

After a period of cutbacks, Riot Games is on the lookout for new talent, especially for its Valorant team and other initiatives. The gaming giant had previously reduced its workforce by 11%, affecting 530 employees across various departments, including the Valorant team. This move also led to the complete shutdown of the Riot Forge project. However, the company is now signaling a change in direction with the announcement of new job openings.




Riot Games has unveiled new positions, highlighting its commitment to not only maintaining but also expanding its flagship games. Among these, the Valorant division is seeking a lead technical artist, hinting at potential new developments for the game, possibly including more skins or contributions to the mobile version slated for release in 2024.


This recruitment drive is a significant shift from the recent layoffs and may indicate a broader strategy to rebuild and enhance its teams. While these new roles represent just a fraction of the positions lost, they are a positive sign of recovery and growth within Riot Games. The company's efforts to bounce back and strengthen its projects, including Valorant, are closely watched by the gaming community.

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