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Valorant's New Agent Clove's Abilities Leaked Before Big Reveal

Valorant's New Agent Clove's Abilities Leaked Before Big Reveal
Written by: ASH

Valorant fans are buzzing with excitement as gameplay footage of the game's upcoming agent, Clove (Agent 25), surfaced online ahead of the official reveal. This sneak peek, initially shared by German content creator KennToGo, showcases Clove's unique abilities.


Clove is set to bring a fresh dynamic to the game with a powerful self-revive ultimate ability. This feature allows Clove to return to the battlefield "back like I never left," a voice line proclaims as the character rematerializes after being taken out. Additionally, the leaked footage highlights Clove's strategic smoke placements, enabling precise control over enemy sightlines and an energy sphere capable of suppressing or blinding opponents.



The anticipation for Clove is evident among the Valorant community, with fans eagerly discussing the potential game-changing impact of these abilities. Comments from the community highlight the excitement, with many noting the "cool smoke placement screen" and the intrigue of a self-revive mechanism.


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The full reveal of Agent 25, Clove, is scheduled during the VCT Masters Madrid Grand Finals, offering fans a comprehensive look at the new agent's abilities. The event, set for Sunday, March 24th at 8 AM US PT, will be available for both Twitch and YouTube viewers, marking a significant moment for Valorant enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the game's evolving roster.

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