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VCT Masters Madrid Sets New Viewership Milestone

VCT Masters Madrid Sets New Viewership Milestone
Written by: ASH

The VCT Masters Madrid event has set a new high in Valorant esports history by attracting over 1.4 million viewers during its grand finale. This tournament has now claimed the title of the most-watched VCT Masters event ever. Fans from across the globe tuned in to see Sentinels and Gen.G battle it out in a highly anticipated final match, reflecting the tournament's massive appeal.


From start to finish, VCT Masters Madrid delivered exciting gameplay, with several matches, including those featuring the Sentinels, nearing or surpassing the one million viewers mark. The presence of Tyson 'TenZ' Ngo, a widely admired player known for his incredible skills. The matchup between Sentinels and LOUD was especially noteworthy, becoming the first to hit over one million peak viewers.




This year's event outshone past Masters tournaments, which also crossed the one million viewer milestone, showcasing the escalating popularity of Valorant esports. Moreover, the viewership figures for this tournament even surpassed those of previous Valorant Champions events, hinting at the potential for even higher numbers as the tournament progressed.


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By achieving new viewership milestones, VCT Masters Madrid has not only provided fans with top-notch esports action but also underscored the growing global interest in Valorant as a leading competitive game.

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