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Cloud9 Revamps Valorant Roster, Adds Runi and Moose for VCT 2024

Cloud9 Revamps Valorant Roster, Adds Runi and Moose for VCT 2024
Written by: ASH

Cloud9 has reinvigorated their Valorant squad for the VCT 2024: Americas Stage 1, welcoming back Runi as the In-Game Leader (IGL) and introducing Moose, a player celebrated for his impressive performances last year. This strategic move comes after Cloud9's underwhelming showing in a previous VCT Kickoff, where they struggled to make a mark, finishing with a 1-2 record in the group stage. The decision to readjust their roster by releasing Jakee and Wippie and bringing in new talent underscores Cloud9's commitment to regaining their top form.



Runi, who previously led Cloud9 as IGL in 2023 before joining OREsports, is making a return, signaling the team's intention to leverage his strategic acumen for better outcomes. Moose, coming from YFP, joins Cloud9 with the ambition to contribute significantly and help the team achieve new heights. This new lineup is slated to debut against Leviathan on April 4, kicking off Cloud9's journey in the official VCT Americas season, which leads up to Masters Shanghai.


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The adjustments to Cloud9's roster have sparked excitement among fans, especially with the addition of Moose. "Excited to play at this level and show what we can do," said Moose, reflecting the team's optimism about their future performance. While the changes are promising, the true test for Cloud9 will be their ability to translate this renewed energy into victories on the competitive stage.

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