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Valorant's Latest Update Glitch Forces Players to Use Random Agents

Valorant's Latest Update Glitch Forces Players to Use Random Agents
Written by: ASH

In a surprising twist following the recent Patch 8.07 update for Valorant, players are experiencing a significant bug that disrupts the agent selection process. This issue forces them to play with randomly assigned agents, adding a new layer of frustration to their gaming experience.


Upon attempting to select their preferred characters, numerous players reported on various forums, including a detailed Reddit thread, that the selection system malfunctions. They find themselves unable to confirm their choices, as the lock-in button reappears repeatedly as if no selection had been made. Once the selection timer runs out, the system assigns them a random agent, regardless of their initial choice.




This glitch has sparked considerable debate and speculation among the community. Some players suggest that the problem could be related to the integration of Xbox Game Pass, where unlocked agents through this service might be glitching. However, Riot Games has yet to address these speculations or confirm any direct link with the Game Pass.


This bug not only disrupts the flow of selecting agents but also potentially affects players' rankings, as they might have to play roles or agents they are unfamiliar with. It's an unwelcome challenge in a game where strategy and familiar roles are key to winning matches.


The issue has been prevalent since the patch went live on April 16, and despite being part of a minor update intended to enhance quality of life within the game, it has led to significant gameplay disturbances. Riot Games is expected to address and resolve this bug swiftly, given its impact on player experience.

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