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Bleed Esports' Mistake in Signing yay Revealed in Deleted Tweet

Bleed Esports' Mistake in Signing yay Revealed in Deleted Tweet
Written by: ASH

In a controversial turn of events, Bleed Esports’ recent tweet indirectly pointed to a regrettable decision in signing the player yay, particularly highlighted by his recent underperformance in Valorant matches. The deleted tweet spotted by Dexerto featured a meme from Family Guy, humorously critiquing a player's poor stats, which closely mirrored yay's recent struggles.


Previously a top-tier player, especially known for his prowess with the French Sentinel agent, yay's move to Bleed followed disappointing stints with Cloud9 and Disguised, the latter resulting in the organization’s exit from Valorant. His performance has notably declined since significant game changes affected his preferred play style, and he hasn’t quite managed to adapt effectively.




The inadvertent criticism came after Bleed's string of losses, where yay's attempts to master Raze fell flat. This was particularly evident in a critical match against ZETA DIVISION, where yay managed a lackluster 0.5 K/D ratio. The tweet, although quickly pulled down, was met with immediate fan reactions, associating the meme directly with yay's disappointing stats.


Bleed’s management had to step in to quell the backlash, expressing support for yay amidst growing criticism. Despite their efforts, the team's performance continues to languish at the bottom of the Pacific league standings, alongside Global Esports.


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Facing a challenging future schedule, Bleed might need to reassess their strategy and yay’s role in the team. The initial optimism about yay elevating the team’s performance has visibly dimmed, pushing Bleed to ponder their next moves in the competitive arena.

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