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Apex Legends Story So Far: A Journey Through the Outlands

Apex Legends Story So Far: A Journey Through the Outlands
Written by: gekisakka1

Apex Legends has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch in 2019. More than just a battle royale, the game offers an engaging, ever-evolving narrative that draws players in and keeps them hooked. And now, 16 seasons later, we are still learning more about its world and characters through in-game events, special cinematics, and more. If you are looking to catch up on the story so far in Apex Legends, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will dive deep into the rich and complex lore of Apex Legends and explore the stories, characters, and events that make this game a truly unique experience.






The Origins of Apex Legends


Before we can delve into the stories of the individual Legends, we must first understand the world they inhabit. The game's setting is built upon the foundations of the Titanfall universe, with its own unique twists and turns.


Apex Legends Official Art


Titanfall 2:


Apex Legends picks the story right after the events of Titanfall 2, after the end of the Frontier War, which started around the Year 2707. The Frontier War was a decade-long conflict between Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation or IMC, the evil corporation in the scenario, and the Frontier Militia, a civilian-led effort to counter IMC's expansion into the Frontier. Frontier Militia wanted to prevent IMC from getting their hands on planet-destroying lost technology, and in that, our heroes Jack Cooper and his vanguard Titan BT 7274, ended up destroying the Planet Typhon 2 along with the Planet destroying weapon, Fold; IMC had been working on.


The Frontier and the Outlands


The aftermath of the Titan Wars left the Frontier scarred and the people struggling to rebuild their lives. Many, hoping for a better life, migrated to the Outlands, a cluster of Lawless planets on the outskirts of the Frontier. Sparking another long war and the creation of the Mercenary Syndicate to bring peace back to the Outlands.

Initially, only 6 planets banded together to form the Syndicate Space, and a part of their treaty was to bring back the Thunderdome games from 20 years ago. The initial Thunderdome games hosted by IMC served as the basis for the Bloodsport, now managed by the Mercenary Syndicate.


Apex Legends The Outlands


Kuben Blisk And the Apex Games:


The ex-IMC pilot, Kuben Blisk, the leader of the Titanfall faction, Apex Predators, from Titanfall 2, founded the Battleroyale as a part of the Syndicates treaty and named the new Bloodsport Apex Games. Kuben started broadcasting the Apex Games to the entire galaxy sometime in the Year 2729, which continued for its initial 123 seasons in Universe till the start of Apex Legends as we know it.


Kings Canyon and the Syndicate:


The first map of Apex Legends, The Kings Canyon, was set on the syndicate-controlled Planet Solas and served as the arena for the Apex Games' first 124 seasons. The combatants who fought in these Arenas were known as Legends and described by Kuben as;


"Hm... Son, you think you've got what it takes? They call us Apex Legends. But not all Legends are heroes. Each fight for their own reasons. From the ashes of war, Legends are born. They are icons of strength, power. Outside the ring, they're champions. Inside, they're equals. But the goal remains the same, become an Apex Legend. I say it's a sport of survival. You ask me? It's simple, eh. They kill you, they're better. You kill them, you're better."



The Apex Games and the Legends


As the Apex Games continue to grow in popularity, the Syndicate's influence spreads, impacting the lives of those living in the Outlands and beyond. Apex Games initially kicked off with 8 Legends, which eventually became an 18 Character long roster.


Apex Legends Original 8 Legends


Bloodhound, the Technological Tracker


Bloodhound, a mysterious and enigmatic Legend, is an expert tracker with advanced technological skills. Their story delves into their upbringing on the planet Talos, a harsh and unforgiving world that shaped them into the formidable warrior they are today. Bloodhound's past is riddled with tragedy and loss, but their deep connection to the natural world and their people's traditions has helped them find their path in the Apex Games.


Bloodhound's Relationship with Artur


Artur, Bloodhound's uncle, and mentor, played a crucial role in their development as a warrior and a person. Bloodhound's journey of self-discovery is inextricably linked with their relationship with Artur, who taught them the ways of their people and the importance of balancing technology with nature. Bloodhound's raven, also named Artur, is a constant companion and a reminder of the bond they shared with their uncle.


Apex Legends Bloodhound


Bangalore, the Professional Soldier


Bangalore, or Anita Williams, is a highly skilled and disciplined soldier with a military background. Born into a family of IMC servicemen and women, she quickly rose through the ranks and became an elite pilot. However, her life was forever changed when her unit was ambushed during a mission, leaving her stranded in the Outlands. Determined to reunite with her brother, Jackson, Bangalore now fights in the Apex Games to fund her search.


Bangalore's Rivalry with Loba


Bangalore's story intersects with Loba Andrade, a fellow Legend with a shared history of conflict. Loba, seeking revenge for her family's murder, inadvertently caused the ambush that left Bangalore stranded in the Outlands. Their rivalry is fueled by their pasts, and their interactions within the Apex Games often reflect the tension between them.


Apex Legends Bangalore


Wraith, the Interdimensional Skirmisher


Wraith is a powerful Legend with the ability to manipulate space and time. Once a test subject in a secret IMC research facility, she was experimented on and subjected to brutal treatments, resulting in her unique abilities. Suffering from memory loss and haunted by mysterious voices, Wraith's search for her past led her to the Apex Games, where she hopes to uncover the truth about her origins.


Wraith's Connection to the Void


Wraith's powers stem from her connection to the Void, an alternate dimension that she can enter and exit at will. This connection allows her to create portals and phase in and out of reality, making her a formidable opponent. Her journey through the Apex Games is intertwined with her exploration of the Void and its secrets, as well as her quest to discover the truth about her past.


Apex Legends Wraith


Lifeline and the Battle Against the Mercenary Syndicate


Lifeline, the combat medic, has been waging a personal war against the Mercenary Syndicate, seeking to uncover their nefarious activities and bring them to justice. Alongside other Legends like Crypto and Mad Maggie, Lifeline works to expose the Syndicate's off-the-books operations on Salvo, a planet with a tumultuous history of its own. Her story highlights the lengths some Legends are willing to go to uphold their morals and fight for what they believe in.


Pathfinder, the Friendly MRVN


Pathfinder, a Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity (MRVN), is an optimistic and friendly Legend with a knack for adventure. He woke up decades ago in an abandoned laboratory with no memory of his creator or purpose. Fueled by his insatiable curiosity, he joined the Apex Games in the hopes of finding clues about his past and learning more about his origins.


Pathfinder's Quest for His Creator


Throughout the Apex Games, Pathfinder has encountered various individuals who have helped him piece together his past. He discovered that his creator, Dr. Amelie P., was a scientist working on a secret project known as the "Marvin's Finest Hour" initiative. Pathfinder's journey has led him to forge new friendships and uncover more about the world he inhabits as he continues to search for the truth about his creation.


Apex Legends Pathfinder


Caustic, the Toxic Trapper


Caustic, born Alexander Nox, is a sociopathic scientist with a twisted fascination for toxic gases. Once a respected researcher for the IMC, a lab accident exposed him to his own experimental chemicals, disfiguring him and sending him on a downward spiral. Obsessed with his deadly creations, Caustic found a new purpose in the Apex Games, using the competition as a testing ground for his lethal concoctions.


Caustic's Connection to Wattson


Caustic shares a complex relationship with fellow Legend, Wattson. While both are scientists, their motivations and values could not be more different. Wattson, a kind-hearted inventor with a deep love for her father, is repulsed by Caustic's callousness and disregard for human life. However, Caustic's knowledge of Wattson's father's work and a shared history of loss creates an uneasy connection between the two as they navigate the brutal world of the Apex Games.


Apex Legends Caustic


Seer, Catalyst, and the Cleo Crisis


Seer has a tumultuous history tied to the controversial decision to bring the Apex Games to Cleo, his homeworld. This decision resulted in the displacement of many Cleo residents, including Catalyst, a recent addition to the Apex Games. The two characters have a tense relationship as they grapple with the consequences of their actions and the damage caused to their world. The story delves into Seer's relationship with his parents, their disapproval of his choices, and his struggles with feeling like an outcast.



Seasonal Events and Expanding Lore


Each new season of Apex Legends introduces fresh content, including new Legends, map changes, and unique events that further develop the game's lore. These events often delve into the backstories of the Legends, revealing more about their motivations, pasts, and relationships with one another. The ever-evolving narrative creates an immersive experience that keeps players engaged and invested in the game's Universe.


Apex Legends Seasonal Event


The Broken Ghost and the Shadowfall


Seasonal events such as The Broken Ghost and the Shadowfall have introduced intriguing plotlines and expanded upon the lore of Apex Legends. The Broken Ghost event saw the Legends working together to recover a mysterious artifact, revealing more about Loba's past and her quest for revenge against Revenant. The Shadowfall event, on the other hand, introduced a dark and twisted alternate reality in which the Legends faced off against deadly shadows and uncovered the sinister intentions of the enigmatic figure known as the Shadow Revenant.


The Emergence of New Factions and Threats


As the story of Apex Legends unfolds, new factions and threats have emerged, further complicating the world of the Outlands. The introduction of the mysterious and powerful organization known as the Syndicate and the arrival of the ruthless and cunning Kuben Blisk have added new layers of intrigue to the game's narrative. These developments have opened up new possibilities for the Legends, who must navigate the treacherous world of the Apex Games while dealing with the machinations of these powerful entities.


Apex Legends New Factions


The Arrival of Ash and the Arenas


The addition of the Arenas, a new game mode featuring 3v3 combat, has introduced yet another layer of complexity to the Apex Legends universe. Ash, a deadly simulacrum with a history in the Titanfall universe, has taken control of the Arenas, seeking to prove herself and uncover the secrets of her past. As the Legends face off against one another in these intense battles, they must also contend with the enigmatic and powerful force that is Ash.



The Future of Apex Legends Lore


The lore of Apex Legends is a constantly evolving tapestry, with new stories and characters being introduced at every turn. The developers have made it clear that they are committed to expanding and deepening the game's narrative, ensuring that the world of the Outlands remains a fascinating and engaging place for players to explore.


Apex Legends Lore


Upcoming Content and Storylines


As Apex Legends continues to grow, fans can expect more exciting content and storylines to be introduced. New Legends, events, and map changes are just some of the ways that the developers will continue to enrich the game's Universe. With each new season, players can look forward to uncovering more about the characters they love and the world they inhabit, ensuring that the game remains a compelling and immersive experience.


The Power of Community Engagement


The Apex Legends community plays a vital role in shaping the game's lore and narrative. Fan theories, artwork, and discussions contribute to the richness of the game's Universe, and the developers have often acknowledged and incorporated community ideas into the game's canon. This collaborative and dynamic approach to storytelling ensures that the world of Apex Legends remains a vibrant and ever-evolving place for players to lose themselves in.


Apex Legends Ballistic





Apex Legends has managed to create a rich and engaging narrative that goes far beyond the typical battle royale game. By delving into the personal stories of the diverse cast of Legends, exploring the political and historical context of the Outlands, and introducing new factions and threats, the game offers players an immersive and ever-evolving world to explore. As the story continues to unfold, fans can look forward to even more exciting developments, ensuring that the world of Apex Legends remains a captivating and enthralling place for years to come.

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