How to Play Fuse in Apex Legends (Complete Guide)

How to Play Fuse in Apex Legends (Complete Guide)
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Fuse is Apex Legends' most explosive Legend. He's an Offensive Legend and was added to the game in Season 8. Depending on your playstyle, Fuse can be an incredibly fun Legend to use. His explosive arsenal can give you a competitive edge.


Ever since Fuse's release, he has received a lot of buffs and nerfs in hopes of making him balanced. However, he remains a solid pick for aggressive players even after all these tweaks.


So in today's guide, we will be telling you how to play Fuse in Apex Legends. We will go through his complete set of abilities. Furthermore, we will give you a few tips and tricks that will help you in the long run.



Fuse's Background


apex legends season 8 fuse


Fuse's real name is Walter Fitzroy Jr. He entered the Apex Games as a gladiator and mercenary from Salvo, searching for a bigger fight. Let's take a look at his backstory before learning how to play Fuse in Apex Legends.


Fuse was born on the planet Salvo, and his childhood friend is Margaret Kōhere (Mad Maggie).

The duo discovered a golden hand while investigating one day. They claimed ownership of the grenade, passing it back and forth as a sign of their connection. 


Salvo eventually joined the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds, and Fitzroy was chosen as the Apex Games' next Legend. Maggie was enraged since she rejected any future for Salvo other than the freedom they had. She yanked the pin on the pair's grenade and hurled it at Fitzroy, blowing off his right arm. He then left Salvo, replacing his amputated limb with an updated prosthetic.


We have discussed the backstory and relation between Fuse and Maggie in our guide on How to play Mad Maggie in Apex Legends.




Fuse's Abilities


To learn how to play Fuse, you must learn about his abilities. These abilities are catered more toward fast-paced gameplay. So let's take a deep dive into Fuse's abilities and learn everything about them.


Grenadier (Passive)


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Fuse's passive ability is called Grenadier. This ability allows him to toss grenades further, faster, and more accurately with the assistance of his mechanical arm. He can also stack two grenades per inventory slot, giving you some extra room.


You can use the extra room to store healing items or even more explosives. The second aspect of this ability is that Fuse is incredibly quick in terms of throwing grenades. You can quickly barrage enemies with various grenades. Moreover, since the range of grenades is also increased, you can throw them from afar.



Knuckle Cluster (Tactical)


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Knuckle Cluster is Fuse's tactical ability. This ability unleashes a cluster bomb that continually releases airburst explosives upon impact. Fuse has two charges of Knuckle Cluster. Knuckle Cluster can stick to enemies and surfaces just like an Arc Star.


You can use Knuckle Cluster in a variety of situations. Knuckle Cluster can easily bust through doors and disarm Caustic Gas Traps. This is one of the most effective uses of the ability. You can use a Knuckle Cluster to detect an adversary or to try to flush them out of their hiding place in limited locations, particularly indoors. 


Moreover, you can use Knuckle Cluster as a backup weapon at the start of a match. If you're stuck with an enemy with no weapons, fire a Knuckle Cluster towards the ground and run to safety or to get loot.



The Motherlode (Ultimate)


https___editors.dexerto.com_wp content_uploads_2021_02_The Motherlode


The Motherlode launches an airstrike that creates a wall of flame around a target. This ring of fire lasts 17 seconds, and opponents within it are revealed to Fuse and his teammates. Touching the ring of fire does 35 damage and sets foes on flame for 5 seconds, slowing the player.


Fuse's ultimate ability provides a great way to trap enemies within a particular range. If you've trapped enemies inside the circle, you can use your tactical ability to deal further damage.


If you have a good combination of Legends among your teammates, you can use this ability to its maximum effect. We will discuss the best combinations with Fuse and some tips in this guide's next section.



Tips For Playing Fuse


We have covered all the aspects of Fuse's ability. However, learning the abilities isn't enough if you want to learn how to play Fuse properly in Apex Legends. So, let's look at a few tips and tricks to help you utilize Fuse's full potential.



Effective Pairs


Fuse is an offensive Legend. He is focused on both close-range and long-range combat. He is best paired with Legends, who have a similar ultimate ability. For instance, you can pair him with Bangalore, Caustic, Valkyrie (due to her tactical ability), Horizon, and Gibraltar. 


You can use these Legends' ultimate abilities in combination with Fuse's ring of fire. Since enemies are trapped inside the ring, they're more likely to get knocked out by Bangalore or Jibraltar's ultimate. Similarly, Horizon's ultimate ability can bind enemies within the ring of fire.


You can also pair him with Recon Legends such as Bloodhound or Seer. They can reveal enemies, allowing you to use your tactical ability accurately.


Refill Your Grenades


I think it goes without saying that you can't have enough grenades while playing Fuse. You should constantly replenish your grenades. Grenadier might provide you an advantage while attacking an enemy-controlled structure if you have sufficient grenades.


So keep an eye out on your inventory while playing Fuse. Inventory management is extremely important as you might want to store as many grenades as possible.



Don't Be Afraid To Push


With Fuse, you don't have to be afraid to push enemies. You should especially take out all the campers who are covering behind walls or doors. Fuse's arsenal of abilities makes him the perfect candidate to punish campers.


If you're stuck in a closed area or a building with enemies, you can easily clear it out by intelligently using your abilities. For instance, you can first throw grenades at all the possible cover positions. This will cause the enemies to flee, which allows you to see them.


Now, you need to utilize your tactical ability and target them. If you attack them correctly, they'll receive enough damage, and you can push them right at that moment with your teammates.





So this was our guide on how to play Fuse in Apex Legends. We hope you find this guide helpful. It would be best if you always research about a Legend before purchasing him in Apex Legends. For that purpose, you can check out our other character guides on this website.

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