The Best Final Circle Strategies in Apex Legends

The Best Final Circle Strategies in Apex Legends
Written by: TheQalamkar

Apex Legends may not be a generic Battle Royale game, but it still faithfully follows the core mechanics of the genre. Whether it's dropping into the map, finding loot lying on the ground, or staying inside circles - everything is exactly what you'd expect it to be.


When it comes to circles in Apex Legends, staying inside them is not a difficult task. However, when the final circles roll in, things become incredibly intense because the only people still standing are those who are skilled enough to survive. Not only that, but the final circles being small also gives players less room to hide and loot.


Since you only get a single chance to experience the final circle in each match - it can take a long time to understand the best ways to survive. Fortunately, we're here to help you out. Here is our handpicked list of the best final circle strategies in Apex Legends, which will make you think like a pro in no time. Let's get started!





How to Survive the Final Circles in Apex Legends


While Apex Legends is not an easy game, reaching the end of a match is not a big challenge. After all, you can make it that far even if you spend most of your time hiding. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the final circle as it requires far more effort and strategy to stay alive against the best players in a match. So, here are our recommendations for what you can do.



Find High Ground During the Final Circle


Having the higher ground may sound like a meme due to Star Wars, but it’s genuinely a great tactical advantage to have. In Battle Royale games, players who are on a building can easily shoot and eliminate those who are on the ground. And it’s very difficult to protect yourself in such a case too.




On top of that, it also helps you run towards the new circles when you’re on top because you just need to jump off. But on the other hand, traversal can often be blocked on ground due to random things.


So, as soon as the final circle is approaching – try to be as high up as possible and then punish those who are still below.



Don’t Play Nice


Though this does not apply to everyone, a lot of people don’t try too hard to kill enemies that are knocked out. That’s a good thing because it’s wiser to attack those who are still standing instead. However, this is not a good idea when it comes to the final circle – you should be as aggressive as possible to your enemies.


So, if an enemy is downed, make sure to eliminate them because they might get revived otherwise and make things harder for you. And if they have a Lifeline or Mirage in their team, that will complicate things even further. That’s why you should always finish the job in the final circle.


You can also target squads that are at a disadvantage. For example, if there are two squads fighting each other – you should catch them by surprise and eliminate them. And furthermore, if a squad is stuck outside the circle, then you can deal a lot of damage to them in a short amount of time.



Bunker Up with Wattson, Caustic, or Rampart


Teamwork is very important when it comes to surviving in Apex Legends. And team synergy is a great thing too, since you can combine the strengths of legends in strategic ways.


Wattson's ability keeps regenerating her shields, which lets you be more confident in fights because you can always hide and heal up when needed. Rampart has shields which help her block off doorways and you can shoot through them too from the right side.




And lastly, we have Caustic whose traps can be very helpful if you’re being ambushed or if you’re hiding inside a bunker. As you can guess, a combination of all these abilities proves to be very useful in terms of defense. But you can only keep one of them around too based on your preferences.



Don’t Panic


If you’re a player that begins to panic at times of intensity – we completely understand. However, you should try your best to stay focused on the goal and your enemies. If you shoot properly without fidgeting – there are more chances of hitting someone than if you just keep trying to avoid gunfire.


Apex Legends is a movement shooter, so we do understand the need of moving around. But once you start trying to panic less – you will find the perfect balance between the two.



Never Split Up


Speaking of teamwork, it’s also important to never split up with your squad in the last circle of Apex Legends. Even if you’re holding different angles, don’t stray too far away and make sure your teammates can see you. Strength is in numbers and if you let multiple enemies take advantage of you, then you will have no chance of surviving.




The only thing that you need to make sure of is to not be glued to each other – as that is the other end of this extreme and can make your squad an easy target for things like grenades.



Don’t Spend Too Much Time Healing


This may sound like a weird thing to read, since healing keeps you safe and sound. However, healing at the wrong time can do more harm than good because it leaves you in a vulnerable position. So, if you get damaged a lot by an enemy, use a shield battery quickly instead of trying to heal properly.


Once the shield is applied, start shooting enemies back so they don’t run up to you right away. And then you can heal properly once they are pushed back. Keeping an active presence against your enemies is very important if you don’t want them to rush you.



Keep Your Loot Prepared


The final circle is the most intense one in Apex Legends. This means that you won’t get the chance to loot around, especially because all the good things will already be picked by other players in most cases.




So, always try to make sure that you have an inventory full of guns, ammo, and any other items that you normally use. But make sure to be smart about what you pick up, because you only need a certain number of specific items. For example, a lot of players stack up too many health items – but realistically, you don’t need more than four syringes at a time. And even fewer are fine if you find med packs.



Swap Armor


Swapping your armor is extremely important when it comes to regenerating your health in a fight. As explained above, healing takes too long and it’s not something that you should commit to in the middle of a fight. So, the middle ground is to just swap your armor because of how chaotic final circles can get.




Another thing to keep in mind is that changing to any armor is fine. It’s okay if you have a Mythic (Red) armor but the other one that you found is Epic (Purple). A damaged Mythic armor is worse than a healthy Epic or Legendary one. So, prioritize health instead of rarity in such cases.



Have Bloodhound in Your Team


No one likes being limited to a specific legend in a game, but sometimes it helps to keep a specific support/scout character in your team. You never know where the final circle in Apex Legends is going to be, so it’s often possible for your enemies to get a nice hiding place or a bunker. And as we know, bunkers can include traps too so checking them blindly is also a bad idea.


Fortunately, Bloodhound is a good counter to this problem. His abilities allow players to scan for enemies – and that will immediately show you where your enemy is. This is a great advantage to have and will let you rush them (or avoid them if necessary) right away.




That’s it for our guide on the best final circle strategies in Apex Legends. You might already know some of them, but we hope that we taught you some new tricks too. And if you feel that we missed any important strategies, then let us know that as well.


If you’re looking for more Apex Legends goodness, then make sure to keep browsing Esports Driven!

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