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Best Apex Legends ALC Settings To Dominate

Best Apex Legends ALC Settings To Dominate
Written by: iamharoongill

Apex Legends offers a feature known as Advanced Look Controls (ALC), which has the potential to significantly improve your gaming performance. This feature goes beyond merely adjusting your viewing experience. By fine-tuning these settings, players can achieve impressive aiming precision, reminiscent of pros like Imperialhal.


It's not just about improving aim; the right ALC settings can enhance shot accuracy, agility in movement, and mastery over weapon recoil. To help you unlock your full potential, we've put together a guide on the best ALC settings inspired by elite players like Dizzy and Shroud. Dive in and elevate your gameplay!





Understand ALC in Apex Legends




ALC, short for Advanced Look Control settings, plays a pivotal role in refining the visual experience of the Apex game. When appropriately configured, ALC can elevate your gameplay to professional levels by sharpening your aim and precision. 


The influence of ALC on one's aiming capability and recoil management is substantial. Harnessing the full power of these settings can significantly boost your proficiency in Apex Legends. With optimal ALC adjustments, you'll find yourself dominating one-on-one combat scenarios. This edge not only increases your chances of emerging victorious in battles but also propels you closer to the ranks of elite players in the game.



Configuring ALC Settings in APEX Legends


To tweak the ALC settings in dAPEX Legens, you'll need to navigate through the Controller Settings. Here's a step-by-step guide to assist you:


  • Begin at the main menu and click on the settings icon.
  • Once inside the settings menu, tap RB or R1 to switch to the controller settings tab.
  • Delve into the movement/aiming category within the settings.
  • In this section, choose the option to activate ALC settings.


Follow these steps, and you'll have ALC enabled in no time!




What are the best ALC settings in Apex Legends?

1. The Essence of Deadzone


At the heart of ALC settings lies the Deadzone. It fundamentally determines the moment your game detects your controller input. A simple thumbstick movement can initiate the response depending on its extent. A reduced Deadzone implies heightened stick reactivity.

Advantages of Deadzone:


  • Sharpened aiming
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Prevention of controller drift
  • Instantaneous thumb response for motion and target acquisition


Configuration Steps:


  1. Launch the settings via Apex’s main menu.
  2. Proceed to the controller segment.
  3. Dive into the movement and aiming section.
  4. ALC options await at the end; click to activate.



2. Decoding Outer Threshold


While not as pivotal as Deadzone, Outer Threshold has its role in aiming. It's essentially the Deadzone's antithesis. Instead of determining the initiation of movement, it sets the halting point.


Push your stick to its extremities, and the Outer Threshold ensures it nears non-registration.


Advantages of Outer Threshold:


  • Assured aiming accuracy
  • Prevention of over-extended shots
  • Swift attainment of peak aiming speed



3. The Dynamics of Responsive Curve




The Responsive Curve is central to the precision of your aim. While the game does provide an explanation, it can sometimes be nebulous. Essentially, it dictates your reticle's speed post-thumbstick engagement.


An elevated curve may render your movements lethargic, while an overly rapid one can induce a sensation of instability.


Advantages of Responsive Curve:


  • Enhanced aim precision
  • Elevated responsiveness
  • Augmented movement agility



4. Adjusting Turning Ramp-Up Delay


This setting closely mirrors the previous one but introduces a few nuances. While it doesn't control how quickly you reach your max speed, the Turning Ramp-Up Delay determines when the Extra Yaw and Pitch adjustments become active. Though not every player might find this indispensable, it's an available option.


Benefits of Turning Ramp-Up Delay:


  • Tailoring aiming velocity
  • Enhancing targeting accuracy
  • Swiftly adjusting to moving adversaries due to the speed increment



5. ALC for Aim Down Sights (ADS)




Hidden among the plethora of ALC options, there's a section dedicated to ADS in the game. These settings mirror the general ones but only activate when you're aiming down sights. Fine-tuning here can be a game-changer if you find difficulties while aiming in ADS.

Benefits of ADS ALC Settings:


  • Personalizing movement during the aim
  • Achieving pinpoint aim speed
  • Enhancing player tracking capabilities
  • Gaining an aim speed edge



6. Navigating Target Compensation


A topic of debate, Target Compensation, essentially is Apex's version of Aim Assist. Recognizing the challenges of a thumb stick's precision versus a mouse, this tool assists console gamers in competing with their PC counterparts. While its effectiveness divides opinion, players can adjust it to their preferences.


Benefits of Target Compensation:


  • Elevating shot accuracy
  • Achieving superior short-range player tracking
  • Simplifying enemy targeting
  • Fine-tuning shot precision



7. Peak Aim Acceleration Timing 




Tied to the Boosted Yaw and Pitch, the Peak Aim Acceleration Timing determines how quickly you hit your aim's top speed. A higher value means your aim speed peaks faster, but be cautious: newcomers might find higher speeds challenging, leading to missed or over-extended shots.

Benefits of Peak Aim Acceleration Timing:


  • It ensures target accuracy.
  • Tailors aim momentum to your style.
  • It Prevents the aim from going haywire.
  • It grants full mastery over your aim dynamics.



8. Custom Optic Sensitivity Settings 


Adjust your aiming sensitivity with each scope or optic in the game using the Custom Optic Sensitivity Settings. Whether you're using a 1x, 2x, or the mighty 10x scope, this setting lets you tailor your aim sensitivity for each.

Benefits of Custom Optic Sensitivity Settings:


  • Enhanced long-range targeting precision.
  • Prevents over-aiming with high-magnification optics at close distances.
  • Personalizes your gameplay experience.



9. Horizontal & Vertical Aiming Speed 




The simplicity of the Horizontal (Yaw) and Vertical (Pitch) Aiming Speed settings doesn't undermine their importance. They dictate how swiftly you can move your view horizontally (left or right) and vertically (up or down). While many players prefer identical speeds for both, it's up to your preference.

Advantages of Yaw & Pitch Speed Settings:


  • Adjust your aim fluidly.
  • Facilitates faster horizontal movements without compromising other speeds.
  • Guarantees pinpoint accuracy in every direction.



10. Boosted Aiming Speed Settings


The Boosted (Extra) Yaw and Pitch settings might sound complex, but they're pivotal for accurate aiming. In essence, they offer a speed 'boost' once you max out the basic Yaw and Pitch speeds. It's a balancing act: either turn it off for stability or tweak it modestly to avoid over-aiming.


Why Boosted Aiming Speed Settings Matter:


  • Fine-tune your aim dynamics.
  • Ensures rapid horizontal turns without disrupting standard speeds.
  • It maintains flawless accuracy across all scenarios.
  • Prevents over-aiming at crucial moments.
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