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How To Become an Apex Predator?

How To Become an Apex Predator?
Written by: iamharoongill

In the fierce arena of Apex Legends, the Ranked mode stands as a battleground where legends are born and only the truly exceptional rise to the top. The crown jewel of this competitive hierarchy? The illustrious Apex Predator rank. Reserved for the best of the best, this elite tier is more than just a status symbol.


With only the top 500 players worldwide (on each platform) able to claim this honor at the end of a season, achieving the Apex Predator title is a testament to unparalleled skill, tenacity, and strategic mastery. In this blog, we'll delve into the journey toward becoming an Apex Predator, offering insights, strategies, and an inside look into what it takes to earn the ultimate bragging rights in Apex Legends.




What is Apex Predator in Apex Legends?


In the high-stakes world of Apex Legends' Ranked Leagues, mastering the ideal Legends and weapons is only part of the equation. True success emerges when players recognize their boundaries, leverage their strengths, and strategically climb the ranked ladder to accrue both RP and KP.




The Ranked Leagues structure is tiered into seven distinct ranks:


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Masters
  • Apex Predator


For many, breezing through the initial ranks—Bronze to Gold—is achievable, particularly when collaborating with a well-synchronized squad. However, the real test of skill and strategy kicks in upon reaching the Platinum and Diamond echelons. Here, the competition intensifies, demanding sharper tactics and superior gameplay.


But for those with the dedication and prowess to navigate these challenging tiers, the ultimate accolade awaits the coveted Apex Predator rank. Earning this title is a testament to a player's elite capabilities, marking them as one of the game's best.



How Apex Legends Ranked Works


Dive deep into the intricacies of the Ranked mode in Apex Legends' third series and what it takes to ascend the ladder to the revered Apex Predator status.




  1. Tiered Ranking System:Apex Legends' Series 3 Ranked season organizes players into seven distinct tiers, each tier further segmented into four sub-levels. Progressing through these levels necessitates the accumulation of Ranked Points (RP), which players earn based on their performance in matches.
  2. The Cost of Climbing:As you ascend higher in the ranks, the stakes become steeper. Every new game requires a "buy-in" deduction from your total RP. Simultaneously, the RP rewards for in-game accomplishments, such as eliminations and victories, diminish. It means that as you climb, you'll be facing higher stakes with diminishing returns – a true test of skill and resilience.
  3. The Apex Predator Grind:Achieving the Apex Predator title is no walk in the park. In an ideal scenario, where a player clinches victory in every game and consistently eliminates five adversaries, they'd still need to amass 1,000 RP. Factoring in the buy-in deductions, the math indicates a hefty commitment: 72 games at an average of 20 minutes each, equating to a full day's worth – 24 hours – of gameplay.


The journey to Apex Predator status is emblematic of dedication, strategy, and sheer talent. With every tier crossed and every challenge overcome, players demonstrate their evolving mastery over the game's mechanics and their opponents.



The requirement to Become an Apex Predator in Apex Legends


To ascend to the pinnacle of Apex Legends' ranked hierarchy and earn the prestigious Apex Predator title, players must navigate a series of demanding challenges and criteria:




  1. Attain Masters Rank: Before one can even contemplate the Apex Predator rank, the first crucial step is to achieve the Masters rank. It demands an accumulation of 10,000 RP, which is no small feat.
  2. Beyond the Conventional Tiers: Once the master's rank has been secured, the traditional tier system of progressing from rank one to four, seen in the earlier ranks, becomes obsolete. Instead, the game evolves into a race to accumulate as much RP as possible.
  3. Eyes on the Apex: The ultimate goal after attaining a master's is to secure a position within the top 750 players. This echelon signifies the Apex Predator rank. Typically, players need to surpass approximately 10,700 RP, although this threshold can fluctuate.
  4. Stay Informed with the Leaderboard: To provide clarity on the ever-changing RP requirements for Apex Predator status, players can consult the ranked leaderboards. This tool showcases the RP totals for the top 750 players, offering a clear target for those striving for the apex.


Remember, the climb to Apex Predator is dynamic and competitive. Players must not only aim to reach the necessary RP but continuously adapt to maintain their coveted position among the elite.



How To Become an Apex Predator? Useful Tips


The journey to becoming an Apex Predator demands more than just skill; it requires strategic planning, keen awareness, and effective communication. If you're setting your sights on this elite status, here's a comprehensive guide to refine your approach:




  1. Swift Landings:Quick Descent: As the dropship cruises over the map, make your move promptly. Many seasoned Ranked players delay their drop to avoid confrontation. Contrarily, an immediate jump can give you a strategic edge. Survey the Scene: While airborne, periodically glance around to monitor rival teams' landing spots. Adjust your course, if needed, to find a secluded looting area.
  2. Stand and Deliver:Got company upon landing? Equip whatever weapon you can find—even if it's just a humble P2020 or Mozambique—and stand your ground. Facing initial conflicts can set a confident tone for the remainder of the game.
  3. Strategic Team Composition:Your trio's character combination can greatly influence your match outcome. Popular choices among pros are Wraith, Pathfinder, and Wattson. Gibraltar also offers a solid alternative. Refer to tier lists to optimize your squad's composition.
  4. Beware of Campers:Utilize characters like Crypto and Bloodhound for their invaluable reconnaissance abilities. Whether it's Crypto's drone or Bloodhound's scan, preemptively identifying lurking opponents can prevent unexpected confrontations.
  5. Pick the right Weapon:In Ranked mode, stick to weapons you're proficient with. Experimentation can wait. For instance, the Havoc's recoil might be challenging if you're unfamiliar with it.
  6. Communication is Crucial:Whether through voice chat or pings, maintaining open lines of communication ensures coordinated team movements and decisions. Signal enemy locations, share loot information, and establish your strategies clearly.
  7. Stay close to friends:Observe pro gameplay and one consistency stands out: proximity. The team that stays together thrives together. Ensure you're always within immediate reach of your teammates, especially considering the high stakes of Ranked play.
  8. Share Resources:Your team's collective health and firepower are paramount.
    • Healing Items: Prioritize the team's well-being. Distribute shields and health items equitably.
    • Ammo: A stocked teammate is an effective one. Avoid hoarding and ensure everyone has ample ammunition.
  1. Constant Vigilance:Static gameplay is a no-go in Ranked. Continuously rotate and reposition, ensuring you're not an easy target. If you have a Pathfinder, make use of Survey Beacons to anticipate and strategically move according to the ring's shift.
  2. Elevate Your Perspective:Always aim for the high ground. Not only does it offer a strategic view, but it also prevents being trapped or ambushed. Incorporate snipers in your team to keep tabs on distant enemies.


Arming yourself with these strategies will position you well on your ascent to the coveted Apex Predator rank. Remember, adaptability and teamwork are key in the dynamic world of Apex Legends.


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