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Call of Duty Zombies: Everything You Need To Know

Call of Duty Zombies: Everything You Need To Know
Written by: ASH

Call of Duty Zombies is a cherished and iconic game mode that has fascinated many fans for an extended period of time. This game mode was introduced in Call of Duty by Treyarch. Fans saw the first glimpse of zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at War in 2008.


Since its release, this demanding and distinctive game mode has strengthened its position in the hearts of many Call of Duty fans. In this guide, we will delve into the history of Call of Duty Zombies and equip you with all the essential knowledge to navigate through hordes of zombies successfully. 



Call of duty zombies 1



The Origins of Call of Duty Zombies



The Birth of a Legend


If you think you are hearing the word “Call of Duty Zombies” the first time, then you don’t remember the legendary mode referred to as “Zombies". In 2008, after the release of Call of Duty: World at War, the Zombies mode was added as an Easter egg within the Campaign mode.


Jason Blundell, a genius, was in charge of the Treyarch development team. He crafted this mode as a fun side project, never anticipating its immense popularity.



Nacht der Untoten


Call of duty zombies 5


Call of Duty developers released the Zombie mode with a jaw-dropping map named "Nacht der Untoten". This map presents a straightforward yet spooky adventure for Call of Duty fans.


The game drops players into a run-down building besieged by zombie troops. The developers used this map to test the gameplay mechanics for future developments as well.



Zombie Storyline


After witnessing the increasing popularity of Call of Duty Zombies mode, Treyarch began incorporating a complex narrative into the game mode. The team decided to connect the players emotionally by introducing characters like Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo to the Zombies mode.


We can say that the developing storyline and hidden secrets gave depth to the game. It encouraged the players to explore new locations and unearth the secrets of the Call of Duty Zombies mode.



Call of Duty Zombies Gameplay


Surviving the Zombies Horde


Although the Call of Duty Zombies game mode was developed to add fun, you need a specific skill set to overcome the deadly enemies in this mode. In the Zombies mode, players have to battle waves upon waves of zombies that are progressively more difficult.


Call of duty zombies 3


The main goal of any player who wants to succeed in this mode should be to survive as long as possible. You can conquer zombie mode if you manage to stop your health bar from draining. Following are a few crucial gameplay components that you need to master to achieve success:



Weapons and Perks


During your journey, you will come across numerous walls and mystery boxes. Never ignore these objects, as they hold valuable points. Collect these points to purchase weapons.


There are also a few perks that you can acquire to improve your character’s traits. You can equip perks like Juggernog and Speed Cola to help your character survive and increase firepower.





If you feel that you don’t have a destructive firearm, you can use the Pack-a-Punch machine. This machine allows you to upgrade your weapons and make them more powerful for later rounds.



Mystery Box


Keep an eye out for the Mystery Box. This game mode has many mystery boxes hidden at secret locations. Consider yourself lucky if you find one! The Mystery Box provides a chance to obtain a rare and powerful weapon. The catch about Mystery Box is that it changes its position every time you use it.


Call of duty zombies 4


Unlocking Easter Eggs


Easter Eggs are the reason behind the popularity of the Call of Duty Zombies mode. If you get your hands on an Easter Egg, it will provide you with a secret objective to complete. These eggs are a crucial part of the game, as they will lead you in a direction that will unlock new adventures and critical story elements.



Iconic Zombies Maps


World at War


After releasing a world-class map, "Nacht der Untoten," Treyarch did not stop. They kept on working to deliver more updates for the fans. The developer team later introduced three more maps in World at War: "Verruckt," "Shi No Numa," and "Der Riese". The Call of Duty fans enjoyed these maps fully. The new maps were flawless and brought unique challenges and innovations to the Zombies mode.


Black Ops Series


After the success of Call of Duty Zombies, fans demanded that the Zombies mode be a permanent part of the series. Therefore, in The Black Ops series, four maps were included in the Zombies mode. These four maps were "Kino der Toten," "Ascension," "Mob of the Dead," and "Origins". The Black Ops series brought new characters, gameplay mechanics, and Easter Eggs to keep the mode fresh, and the audience interacted.



Tips for Success


Communication is the Key


When you enter Zombies mode with a team, your communication level should be top-notch. If your team lacks communication skills, you will always have a zombie attacking you from behind. A good team will help you keep the mode enjoyable and effective.


Call of duty zombies 2



Map Knowledge


As you begin the Zombie mode, you will have zombies rushing to knock you down. If you have no map knowledge, you won’t know from which hole a zombie pops out and damages you. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the layout, key points of interest, and training spots on a map.





Since its humble beginning as an Easter egg concealed in another game, Call of Duty Zombies has come a long way. With thrilling gameplay and a range of magnificent map pools, it has established itself as a pillar of the Call of Duty brand. It is a game mode that will provide you amusement even if you are an experienced zombie killer or a novice eager to explore the secret locations. So grab your favorite gun, join your squad, and get ready for the zombie apocalypse in Call of Duty Zombies!


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