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The Best Modern Warfare 2 Loadout For Tempus Torrent: Class Setup, Attachments & Perks

The Best Modern Warfare 2 Loadout For Tempus Torrent: Class Setup, Attachments & Perks
Written by: Mohsin

Marksman Rifles often do not do that well in Warzone 2 but they are absolute beasts in multiplayer when placed in the right hands. The class provides an ideal hybrid for aggressive sniper users.




It can be pretty challenging to counter Marksman Rifles if they have devastating power and blistering fast ADS speed. However, the majority of the marksman rifles are single-shot weapons, so it can be unforgiving in case you miss your shots.



A rare exception is the TAQ-M, which comes with completely automatic capabilities. A Marksman Rifle damage profile and rapid rate of fire make it the best class option for most players.


Season 2 Reloaded added a brand-new semi-automatic marksman rifle that has the ability to dethrone even the TAQ-M. In this article, we will discuss the perfect loadout of this weapon to make it unstoppable on the battleground.



Best Tempus Torrent Modern Warfare 2 Loadout


Modern Warfare 2 has added the Tempus Torrent to its weapon in Season 2 Reloaded!




  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip
  • Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40
  • Stock: Ravage-8
  • Underbarrel: Edge-47 Grip
  • Laser: Schlager PEQ Box IV



In the blog post of Season 2 Reloaded, the developers of the game described the Tempus Torrent as offering the “versatility of the M4 platform and the velocity and impact of 7.62 rounds.” The semi-automatic weapon is far simpler to use as compared to the other class offerings.


In order to alleviate the weapon's recoil issues, we opted for a build that feels fast and mobile while enhancing its recoil capabilities. The Sakin Tread-40 muzzle, Edge-47 Grip, and Sakin ZX Grip all help to control the recoil.




The update of Season 2 Reloaded reduced the ADS penalty on all under-barrel grips making the attachment more necessary than ever. When it comes to mobility, the Ravage-8 stock and Schalger PEQ Box IV greatly improve the movement speed and ADS time.


The laser mentioned in the attachments is probably your best bet since it does not reveal your location to your opponents.



Best Tempus Torrent Modern Warfare 2 Class: Perks & Equipment


  • Base Perk 1: Bomb Squad
  • Base Perk 2: Battle Hardened
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: High Alert
  • Lethal: Drill Charge
  • Tactical: Stim



Double Time is a highly famous base perk selection, but the Tempus Torrent does not need to run around that much. This weapon thrives by repositioning yourself in great spots in order to hold down lanes.


With that said, we recommend that you use Bomb Squad and Battle Hardened to decrease the effects of tactical as well as lethal grenades. Fast Hands is the ace in the hole when it comes to Bonus Perks, allowing players to reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster than before.




Last but not least, we have the Ultimate Perk, i.e., High Alert, which pulses when an opponent spots you and makes it far easier to hold an angle without the fear of getting shot from behind.


Drill Charges will be useful to you when you are dealing with campers, and using a stim will save your life when your back is up against the wall.



How To Unlock The Tempus Torrent In Modern Warfare 2


In order to unlock the Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2, players are required to complete its Weapon challenge. This challenge requires them to get 25 Double Kills with a Marksman Rifle.




This challenge will be much easier to complete in multiplayer in the Close Quarters playlist or whichever small map playlist is available.


Furthermore, players can also simply buy the weapon with real money through a Store Bundle that will be available after the update.



Best Tempus Torrent Alternatives In Modern Warfare 2


In case the Tempus Torrent does sound quite interesting to you and checks all of the boxes, then we recommend that you use the TAQ-M or the EBR-14. The TAQ-M is powerful, accurate, and easy to use with the right attachments.


On the other hand, the EBR-14 destroys its enemies with its incredible damage output. So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the game and start deleting your enemies with the help of these incredible weapons!

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