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Best SVA 545 Loadout for Modern Warfare 3

Best SVA 545 Loadout for Modern Warfare 3
Written by: ASH

SVA 545 assault rifle, which is much underrated by most, is actually a very powerful firearm within the Modern Warfare 3 arsenal. It's the first assault rifle available to players, which is why it's usually opted for by newbies. Its unique hybrid burst, followed by an automatic firing mechanism, demands a nuanced enough understanding to be used effectively. To extract the maximum potential from SVA 545, let's dive into the best SVA 545 loadout for Modern Warfare 3.




Best Attachments for SVA 545


Muzzle: Go for the HMRES Mod Suppressor. This won't increase your fire rate, but even more importantly, it will keep you invisible on enemy radars—that is, as long as you can stay alive long enough in Modern Warfare 3.

Stock: The FT TAC-Elite Stock helps stabilize your shots by compensating for the increased bullet speed, helping maintain accuracy with the SVA 545.

Grip: The Demo-X2 Grip further steadies your aim, an invaluable aid when engaging targets at varied distances.

Ammunition: 5.45 High Grain rounds enhance the damage range on your enemies so that you are able to take them out even from extreme distances.

Magazine: The 45-Round Mag ensures sustained fire in engagements, so that you keep on picking the targets without the need to reload often.


best sva 545 loadout for modern warfare 3 2



Perks & Equipment for SVA 545


Vest: The Infantry Vest comes highly recommended. It augments the performance of the Tactical Sprint, allowing quick reposition as necessary, a key factor in the decidedly fast-paced combat of MW3.

Gloves: Brains and brawn will be your best friend during sustained and fruitful long kill streaks through the efficient use of Scavenger Gloves, keeping your ammo reserves up to scratch.

Gear: EOD Padding increases the durability against explosions that are common during battle.

Boots: Covert Boots help in maintaining silence as you sneak on the enemy for a quiet takedown when both have to ambush each other silently.

Lethal: While Frag Grenades are standard, the disorienting effect that the Flash Grenade has can flip the flow of close quarters on its head.

Field Equipment: Last but not least, the Trophy System offers that much-needed cover from projectiles coming your way, especially so with game modes that absolutely stress an objective.



Unlocking the SVA 545


The SVA 545 is available from the outset, meaning players can immediately begin mastering its unique firing pattern. By following the loadout advice, players can quickly turn this initial weapon into a reliable choice for any combat scenario in Modern Warfare 3.



Viable Alternatives to the SVA 545


best sva 545 loadout for modern warfare 3 3


In cases where the SVA 545 doesn't align with your playstyle, consider the MCW for its superior damage output and range, or the MTZ-556 for its proficiency in long-range combat.


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The SVA 545, with its unconventional burst pattern, may seem daunting at first. But with the best SVA 545 loadout for Modern Warfare 3, this rifle can push to that top-tier choice holding its own as a secondary in the current meta and likely working with the advent of Warzone. Because of this recommendation, players can be able to optimize game play and maintain competitive advantage against rivals, at the battlefield in Modern Warfare 3 by equipping the SVA 545.

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