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Top 7 Scary Fortnite Map Codes 2023

Top 7 Scary Fortnite Map Codes 2023
Written by: iamharoongill

The innovation of Fortnite Creative has paved the way for players to craft countless imaginative maps. With the introduction of Creative 2.0, these map codes promise to be even more impressive. One category that distinctly shines is the horror genre.


If you are searching for the best scary Map Codes in Fortnite? You're in the right place! Dive into our guide featuring the scariest map codes for the ultimate chilling Fortnite journey. Brace yourself to traverse through ominous terrains, face ghastly terrors, and challenge your bravery in this world of horrifying excitement. Stay with us to learn the simple steps to use these scary Fortnite Map codes with ease.



1. Zombieland (9369-6922-8408)




Don't be misled by the title – it isn't a tribute to the iconic zombie flick. Instead, brace yourself for endless waves of the undead. In Zombieland, you're thrust into a setting where the primary objective is survival against the ever-increasing zombie onslaught.


The challenge intensifies across five distinct levels, with zombies growing more formidable. Gather gold to arm yourself with weapons, take vehicles for a spin, and explore diverse map sections. Differing from many Fortnite Creative XP maps, Zombieland is not a player-versus-player arena. Team up with fellow players to tackle AI-controlled zombies.


It's a map that promises endless entertainment, ideal for amassing XP while offering a laid-back gaming experience. To dive into the undead chaos of Zombieland, crafted by Atomic, use the code: 9369-6922-8408.



2. The Forest – Horror Escape (7395-3026-2615)




Venture into "The Forest," a Fortnite horror map that masterfully immerses you in a spine-chilling setting. This map places you deep within an endless, oppressive woodland, challenging you to withstand its lurking horrors. Amplifying the tension, the game locks you in first-person view, intensifying every shadow and sound.


As you initiate your journey, you'll be presented with specific missions and objectives that propel the narrative forward. Given the enveloping darkness, one of your initial challenges is to seek refuge.


Your primary mission is navigating through an expansive lodge without alerting the menacing entity inside. We won't spill all the secrets, but tread lightly and maintain vigilance. Your survival depends on it. Good luck, and may you escape becoming the beast's next meal.



3. Doors (Code: 3321-6193-5191)




Originating from the vast universe of Roblox, where it was celebrated as a standout fan creation, "Doors" has made its transition to the Fortnite arena. While there are some slight differences, the core of the game remains true to its roots.


Expect to encounter a haunting cyclopean specter coupled with heart-pounding pursuits. That said, other intriguing characters pepper your journey on this map.


While "Doors" promises chills and thrills, it's notably user-friendly for first-time players. The path is typically evident: locked doors often have keys nearby, and if a cage blocks your way, a nearby fuse is likely the solution. Though there will be moments when stealth is key, reminiscent of "Outlast," the rest of the gameplay is fairly linear.



4. Scary Doll (Code: 7595-1913-2803)




Emerging as one of the pioneering maps built on the Unreal Engine 5, Scary Doll redefines horror in Fortnite. This map, a product of Creative 2.0, immerses players in first-person mode, making every twist and turn in the shadowy corridors all the more haunting.


Designed for up to 4 players, the game's essence is a frenzied attempt to elude the terrifying dolls while navigating a way out of the nightmarish setting. Its visuals are so striking that players might momentarily forget they're within the realms of Fortnite.



5. The Space Inside (Code: 9836-7381-5978)




Making waves as one of the inaugural horror maps crafted in Creative 2.0, The Space Inside truly harnesses the potential of Unreal Engine 5. Its excellence as one of the pinnacle horror maps in Fortnite is evident, with the map's lighting features standing out exceptionally. For horror enthusiasts, the right lighting can drastically enhance or diminish the gaming experience.


The map offers a dynamic gameplay experience, alternating players between first and third-person perspectives. The objectives are relatively straightforward; players navigate from one chamber to the next, deciphering how to progress through each space.



6. Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape (Code: 7962-7507-1539)




For those seeking an escape room experience in Fortnite, "Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape" is a top contender. Players are challenged to navigate through a succession of spine-chilling settings within this Fortnite Creative map.


Each designated area, marked by numbers, hides a concealed spot. Finding this secret spot is the key to progressing to the subsequent, equally eerie location. While braving "Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape" solo is an option, the thrill is significantly amplified when teamed up with friends.



7. Phantom Investigation (Code: 4441-5246-1264)



Crafted by YouTuber and Creative maestro Rynex, Phantom Investigation draws inspiration from the popular game Phasmophobia. At its heart, the objective is to uncover the identity of the ghost haunting a particular residence.


Instead of the usual Chapter 4 weaponry, players are armed with unique tools like thermometers, flashlights, spirit boxes, and proximity sensors to aid in spectral sleuthing. Ideally, gathering three pieces of evidence will help pin down the ghost's identity. Yet, in certain scenarios, two crucial clues might suffice.


Though the map's setting remains constant, making long-term replayability limited, the initial rounds, especially when shared with pals, are filled with excitement and intrigue.



How to Redeem Scary Fortnite Map Codes?


Want to dive into the chilling adventures of Fortnite's scary maps? To unlock these spine-tingling experiences and claim unique rewards, follow this easy guide on how to redeem the horror map codes:


  1. Switch your current game mode to "Creative" within Fortnite.
  2. Seek out the "Change" button, conveniently located just above the "Play" option.
  3. Copy & paste any of the above-mentioned horror Fortnite map codes and wait with bated breath. As the game readies itself, you'll soon be whisked away into a realm filled with eerie delights and special prizes.





These selections represent our top choices for most riveting scary map codes in Fortnite. While the vast realm of Fortnite Creative boasts numerous other eerie experiences, we had to narrow our recommendations to these standout ten. And for those with an eye for pickaxe designs, don't miss our curated list of the best rarest pickaxes in Fortnite.

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