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Where to Find Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnite

Where to Find Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Fortnite's annual spooktacular extravaganza, Fortnitemares, has returned in 2023, ushering in a season of chills, thrills, and gaming delights. As the game embraces the eerie aura of Halloween, players find themselves amidst a world transformed, featuring hauntingly themed skins, mysterious map alterations, and a myriad of special items tailored to the occasion. This year’s update re-introduces cherished elements like the Pumpkin Launcher, the whimsical Witch Broom, and the tantalizing Candy consumables, alongside a festively adorned Battle Bus ready to drop players into the heart of the action.


Among these exciting additions, the Ghost Buried Chest stands out as a crucial element in this year's Fortnitemares quests, presenting players with unique challenges and the promise of exclusive rewards. These hidden chests, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, are scattered across the island, awaiting discovery by intrepid adventurers. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Fortnite universe, understanding where and how to unearth these ghostly chests is key to making the most out of this haunting season and completing your collection of event-related quests. So, prepare to dive into the shadows and uncover the secrets of the Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnite’s Fortnitemares 2023 event.




Fortnitemares 2023 Update and New Additions




Fortnitemares 2023 has completely transformed Fortnite’s landscape, plunging it into a world of spooky spectacles and eerie excitement. The map is adorned with Halloween-themed decorations, creating an immersive and chilling atmosphere that captivates players and sets the stage for the thrilling adventures ahead.



Halloween-Themed Transformations


The game’s aesthetics have undergone a spine-tingling makeover, with ominous fog, creepy crawlies, and haunted houses populating the island. These thematic changes not only elevate the gaming experience but also add an extra layer of challenge and intrigue as players navigate through the transformed terrain.



New Items and Features


This year’s event sees the return of the Pumpkin Launcher, allowing players to wreak havoc with explosive, pumpkin-headed missiles. The Witch Broom makes a whimsical comeback, offering a swift and fun mode of transportation across the map. Candy consumables are scattered throughout the island, providing various effects and boosts to aid players in their quest for victory. Additionally, the Battle Bus has received a Halloween makeover, complete with thematic decorations to kick off each match in true Fortnitemares spirit.



Revenant Kado Thorne


A formidable new boss, Revenant Kado Thorne, has emerged, bringing with him the Vampiric Blade and High Stakes shotgun. Defeating this daunting adversary grants players access to these unique and powerful items, adding a valuable arsenal to their collection. Thorne’s presence on the island not only intensifies the competition but also serves as a central figure in this year’s Fortnitemares narrative, offering players the chance to engage in epic battles and earn exceptional rewards.



Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnite




The Ghost Buried Chest plays a pivotal role in this year’s Fortnitemares quests, introducing a treasure hunt that encapsulates the spirit of Halloween adventure. As players traverse the eerie landscapes of Fortnite, they are tasked with uncovering these hidden chests, each one promising a trove of rewards and surprises. Successfully finding and opening a Ghost Buried Chest contributes to the completion of specific Fortnitemares quests, propelling players closer to unlocking exclusive event-related rewards.


The potential rewards from delving into these ghostly chests are substantial, including a hefty 15k XP boost and a variety of high-value loot, sometimes of legendary rarity. Additionally, players can expect to receive free cosmetic rewards, enhancing their in-game appearance and showcasing their triumphs in the Fortnitemares challenges. The quest for Ghost Buried Chests not only adds an extra layer of excitement to the game but also rewards players’ efforts and skills with tangible and valuable in-game items, making the hunt an integral part of the Fortnitemares 2023 experience.



Locations of Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnite




Discovering the Ghost Buried Chests is a thrilling part of the Fortnitemares quests, and they can be found in various locations across the Fortnite map. Here is a list of notable places where these chests are located, along with brief descriptions:


  1. Aegis Temple Landmark: Ancient and mysterious, this temple might hold more than just history.
  2. Autumn Biome Southwest Fault: The fall foliage could be hiding more than just fallen leaves.
  3. Burning Beacon Landmark: A beacon of potential rewards, search thoroughly in this area.
  4. Brutal Bastion: A stronghold of potential treasures, keep a keen eye out for the chests here.
  5. Northwest of Shady Stilts: Explore the shadows and secrets of this area to uncover hidden chests.
  6. The Hall of Whispers Landmark: Listen closely, and the secrets to finding the chests might just be revealed.
  7. The Stone Tower Landmark: Investigate around this towering structure; the chests could be nestled nearby.
  8. Winter Biome Southeast Fault: Amidst the chill, the chests wait to be discovered.


As you navigate these areas, look out for transparent ghosts pointing in certain directions; they are your guides to the Ghost Buried Chests. Follow their direction, and you'll find a glowing mound of dirt indicating the chest’s location. Unearth it with your pickaxe, and reap the rewards of your treasure hunt!



How to Find and Open a Ghost Buried Chest in Fortnite




Fortnitemares 2023 brings with it the enigmatic Ghost Buried Chests, and finding them is a delightful challenge. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you in your quest:


  1. Look for Transparent Ghosts: As you navigate the map, keep your eyes peeled for ethereal, transparent ghosts that are distinct from the usual game elements. These spectral entities are your initial clue to finding the buried treasures.
  2. Follow Their Direction: Once you spot a ghost, observe the direction it is pointing towards. These ghosts serve as ethereal guides, leading you to the hidden chests.
  3. Search for a Glowing Mound: Heed the ghosts’ guidance and explore the area they point towards until you find a mound of dirt that glows subtly. This is not your average pile of dirt; it conceals the coveted Ghost Buried Chest.
  4. Dig Up the Chest: Armed with your trusty pickaxe, proceed to excavate the chest. Strike the glowing mound until the Ghost Buried Chest is revealed and ready to be opened.


While on this adventure, be wary of potential pitfalls and traps set by clever adversaries. Many players might be seeking the Ghost Buried Chests, creating hotspots of activity and opportunities for ambush. Stay vigilant, be cautious of your surroundings, and consider avoiding areas with high player traffic to enhance your chances of safely securing your treasure.





In wrapping up our ghostly guide to finding Ghost Buried Chests in Fortnite’s Fortnitemares 2023 event, we’ve explored the spooky transformations across the island, delved into the treasure troves of new items and features, and navigated the ethereal world of ghosts guiding us to hidden riches. The Ghost Buried Chests stand out as a quintessential element of this haunting season, offering players the chance to embark on a unique treasure hunt, earn substantial rewards, and partake in thrilling challenges.


We encourage all players, from novices to seasoned veterans, to dive into the spirit of Fortnitemares, follow the spectral guides, and uncover the secrets buried across the island. Remember, the journey to finding these chests is fraught with potential dangers and deceptions, with other players possibly laying traps near these coveted treasures. Stay vigilant, trust in the ghosts, and you’ll find yourself reaping the bountiful rewards that await.

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