How to Get the Wood Stake Shotgun in Fortnite

How to Get the Wood Stake Shotgun in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Fortnite's eagerly anticipated annual celebration, Fortnitemares, has once again transformed the game’s landscape, introducing a realm of spooktacular adventures and challenges. Kicking off on October 10th, this event has garnered a massive following, with players from around the globe diving in to experience the unique Halloween-themed festivities. Each year, Epic Games goes all out to ensure that Fortnitemares stands out, and this season is no exception.


Among the myriad of new quests, cosmetics, and LTM modes, the event has unveiled a thrilling new weapon to enhance the gameplay experience—the Wood Stake Shotgun. This addition has generated a buzz in the Fortnite community, as players are eager to get their hands on it and explore its capabilities in the battle against the seasonal boss, Vampire Kado Thorne, and other adversaries in the arena. The Wood Stake Shotgun promises to add an extra layer of excitement to the Fortnitemares festivities, making this event a must-play for all Fortnite enthusiasts.




The Wood Stake Shotgun in Fortnite




The Wood Stake Shotgun emerges as a captivating addition to Fortnite’s arsenal during the Fortnitemares event, bringing a fresh dynamic to the battlefield. Crafted with the Halloween theme in mind, this weapon is specially designed to tackle the eerie challenges of the season, proving instrumental in confronting the formidable Vampire Kado Thorne.


Its unique ability to fire wooden stakes adds a thematic and powerful twist, enabling players to deal devastating damage, particularly to supernatural foes. When placed side by side with Fortnitemares classics such as the Pumpkin Launcher, the Wood Stake Shotgun holds its own, offering a distinct combat experience.


While the Pumpkin Launcher is revered for its explosive impact and crowd control capabilities, the Wood Stake Shotgun introduces precision and potency in close-quarters combat, solidifying its place as a must-have for players looking to dominate this Halloween season.



How to get the Wood Stake Shotgun in Fortnite




Acquiring the Wood Stake Shotgun in Fortnite’s Fortnitemares event is a thrilling quest, with the weapon scattered across the map, awaiting discovery. Players can stumble upon this formidable shotgun as floor loot, tucked away in chests, or hidden within the gleaming holo-chests, providing ample opportunities to arm themselves with this seasonal specialty. For those seeking a more direct approach, the NPC Joni the Red, located at Kenjutsu Crossing in Chapter 4, Season 4, offers the Epic version of the Wood Stake Shotgun in exchange for 250 Gold Bars.


The shotgun presents itself in three distinct rarities: Rare, Epic, and Legendary, each escalating in power and effectiveness. The Rare version serves as an entry point, while the Epic and Legendary variants offer increased damage and reduced reload times, catering to more seasoned players. For the ultimate Wood Stake Shotgun experience, the Mythic version, named the High Stake’s Shotgun, stands as the pinnacle.


This elusive variant boasts even more enhanced stats and can be acquired through a challenging confrontation with the season’s boss, Vampire Kado Thorne, making it a sought-after prize for those daring enough to face him head-on. The varying rarities ensure that players of all levels can partake in the action, providing a balanced and engaging gameplay experience.



The Wood Stake Shotgun's Stats


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The Wood Stake Shotgun in Fortnite is a unique weapon with distinct stats that vary across its different rarities. Understanding these stats is crucial for players looking to maximize their effectiveness in the game. Below is a detailed breakdown of the weapon's stats and usage:




Fire Rate

Mag Size

Reload Time

Damage (body)





















Usage Tips:


  1. Aim True: The Wood Stake Shotgun fires a single, accurate stake, making precision crucial. Aim down sights for better accuracy, especially at a distance.
  2. Close Quarters: Despite its accuracy, the weapon has poor hip fire. Engage enemies up close and personal to maximize damage output.
  3. Reload Wisely: With just four stakes per magazine and a relatively slow reload time, ensure you have a cover or a safe moment to reload.
  4. Supernatural Advantage: The shotgun deals 1.5x more damage to Vampire Kado Thorne and cube monsters, making it a potent weapon against these seasonal foes.



Strengths and Weaknesses:


  • Strengths: High damage output, effective at close range, additional damage to seasonal bosses and enemies.
  • Weaknesses: Low magazine size, slower reload time, poor performance when hip firing.



Strategies and Best Practices




Mastering the Wood Stake Shotgun in Fortnite requires strategic play and precision. Position yourself in close-quarters combat scenarios, leveraging the weapon's high damage output at close range. Aim for the upper body or head to maximize damage, ensuring each stake hit counts, given the weapon's limited magazine size. Engage supernatural enemies, like Vampire Kado Thorne and cube monsters, to take advantage of the shotgun’s 1.5x damage multiplier against them.


Maintain awareness of your surroundings, using the environment to your advantage for cover and to close the distance between you and your opponents. Time your reloads carefully, ensuring you’re in a safe position to avoid being vulnerable. Incorporating these strategies into your gameplay will allow you to wield the Wood Stake Shotgun effectively, making you a formidable opponent during the Fortnitemares event.





The Wood Stake Shotgun stands out as a remarkable addition to Fortnite’s weapon arsenal during the Fortnitemares event, offering players a unique and powerful tool to conquer the battlefield. With its high damage output, particularly at close range, and additional potency against supernatural foes, it is a must-try for participants of the event.


The various acquisition methods, spanning from floor loot to NPC purchases, along with its range of rarities, make it accessible to players of all levels. As you immerse yourself in the Halloween festivities, make it a point to seek out the Wood Stake Shotgun, mastering its usage through strategic positioning and precise aiming. Embrace this new addition to Fortnite’s seasonal event, and let the Wood Stake Shotgun be your companion in dominating the Fortnitemares challenges and adversaries.

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