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Where to Find Driftboards in Fortnite Season OG

Where to Find Driftboards in Fortnite Season OG
Written by: iamharoongill

Fortnite Season OG has been a trip down memory lane for many gamers, rekindling the excitement and nostalgia of the game's earlier days. This season has been marked by the return of many elements from the first chapter of Fortnite, creating a blend of old and new that has been warmly received by the community.


On November 9, the game underwent a significant update, transitioning into what is equivalent to Season 6. This update brought several key changes and additions to the game. Most notably, Loot Lake witnessed the return of its iconic floating island, a feature that long-time players will remember fondly.


One of the most exciting introductions in season OG is the availability of Driftboards. These items, which have been absent from the game for some time, are now back, adding an extra layer of fun and strategy to the gameplay. The presence of Driftboards on the OG Fortnite island is a significant nod to the game's legacy and an exciting development for both new and returning players.




What are Driftboards in Fortnite?




Driftboards are unique vehicles in Fortnite, offering players a new and dynamic way to navigate the game's landscape. These hoverboard-like devices allow for swift and agile movement across the map, providing a significant tactical advantage in both traversal and combat.


The reintroduction of Driftboards to Fortnite has been met with enthusiasm, as they add a fresh dimension to the game's already rich gameplay dynamics. Players can use these boards to quickly move through different terrains, escape from or chase down opponents, and even perform various tricks and stunts. This not only enhances the fun factor but also introduces new strategies and opportunities for players to explore.



Locations to Find Driftboards in Fortnite Season OG





1. Wailing Woods


Wailing Woods offers a unique setting within Fortnite, characterized by its dense forests and limited open spaces. For those seeking Driftboards in Wailing Woods, there's a specific spot to check out. Head towards the Tomato Temple area, a landmark within the woods. Here, you'll find Driftboards located right next to a small shack nestled in the forest.


fortnite driftboard Wailing Woods


It's important to approach this area with caution, as the limited cover can make you vulnerable to enemy fire. Additionally, there's another spot to find Driftboards on the opposite side of this shack, providing an alternative if the first location is too crowded or risky.



2. Tomato Temple




Tomato Temple holds strategic significance in Fortnite due to its central location on the map. This makes it a convenient spot for players looking to navigate quickly to various parts of the island. Driftboards can be found on the road leading to the Tomato Tunnel in Tomato Temple.


This location is relatively easier to spot as you approach the tunnel. However, due to the strategic importance of Tomato Temple, players should remain vigilant for enemy activity in the area, especially since it can be a transit point for players moving across the map.



3. Loot Lake




Loot Lake in Season OG has undergone significant changes, making it a more dynamic and interesting area to explore. Players will find Driftboards at a campground situated on the side of the Tomato Temple. This particular spot in Loot Lake offers a strategic advantage for quick movement around the map, especially with the increased player activity in the area. As always, being alert and prepared for encounters with other players is crucial, especially in locations that have seen an uptick in popularity.



4. Retail Row




In the context of Driftboards, Retail Row is notable for having a significant number of these items, particularly concentrated in the mall section. The abundance of Driftboards here makes it an ideal spot for players looking to quickly grab a board and zip across the map.


However, given the popularity of Retail Row, players should be prepared for potential conflicts, as it's a common spot for engagements with other players. The combination of plentiful resources and the high likelihood of combat makes Retail Row an exciting, albeit risky, location for Driftboard enthusiasts.



5. Lucky Landing




Driftboards in Lucky Landing can be found next to a prominent building adorned with a pink tree, a landmark that is easily identifiable in this area. The quieter nature of Lucky Landing means that players can often acquire Driftboards here with less risk of immediate combat. This makes it an excellent spot for players who want to start their exploration on a Driftboard without the immediate pressure of enemy engagement.



6. Shifty Shafts Bus Crash




In terms of finding Driftboards, this crashed Battle Bus location is an interesting spot. Players can find a couple of chests and a Driftboard here but should be aware that other forms of loot are scarce. The relative tranquility of this area often means that players can acquire a Driftboard with minimal interference from others. For those looking for a more secluded spot to start their game with a Driftboard, the area outside Shifty Shafts near the bus crash can be an ideal choice.


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How to Use Driftboards in Fortnite Season OG




Driftboards in Fortnite offer an exhilarating way to traverse the game's landscape. To operate a Driftboard, simply approach and interact with it to hop on. Once aboard, use your regular movement controls to steer. The Driftboard allows for swift and agile movements, enabling quick navigation across the map. Boosting and jumping are key features; use the boost to gain speed and the jump function to navigate over obstacles or perform aerial maneuvers.


Performing tricks is possible while airborne by using directional inputs. However, it's crucial to remember that Driftboards are fragile. Avoid collisions with structures or vehicles, as these can damage or destroy your board. The Fortnite OG map includes new ramps, providing ideal opportunities for practicing jumps and experimenting with tricks. Mastering the Driftboard can add a dynamic and fun element to your gameplay, making traversals and escapes more exciting.





The reintroduction of Driftboards in Fortnite Season OG has injected a fresh dose of excitement into the game. These boards not only add a nostalgic touch but also open up new possibilities for creative gameplay and exploration. Players are encouraged to seek out Driftboards at the various locations mentioned and experiment with their unique mechanics.


Whether it's for swift navigation, engaging in combat, or just performing breathtaking tricks, Driftboards offer a distinct and thrilling experience. This season, take the opportunity to rediscover the joy of Driftboarding across the Fortnite landscape, combining strategic play with high-octane fun. Remember, the key to making the most of these boards lies in understanding their locations and mastering their use.

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