The Best LTMs In Fortnite History Ranked!

The Best LTMs In Fortnite History Ranked!
Written by: Shizza

Epic Games’ Fortnite has had its fair share of Limited Time Modes, also known as LTMs, over the years. Nearly every kind of gameplay has been accessible with the help of these modes. However, they used to be so much more common than they are now.


Currently, there are barely any in the game, and a lot of the classics have not been seen in quite some time. Chapter 4 seemed like a fresh start to the game with many new features coming in, so maybe this is the right time for Epic Games to start bringing back some of the popular LTMs.



There are so many of them that are worthy of returning back to the game so that the current players can also enjoy them. Following are some of the most exciting LTMs that have been in the game in the past!



5 LTMs That Need To Make A Return


1. Avengers LTM




Being one of the earlier entries into the LTM database, the Avengers LTM was among the earliest collaborations that Fortnite has ever had. Even after four years after its release, it is safe to say that not a lot of LTMs have been comparable to this one.


The Avengers LTM is still considered a classic in the game and has not been seen in quite a long time. In this Limited Time Mode, gamers could play either as the Chitauri from 2012’s The Avengers or as the titular Avengers.



If a player was on the Chitauri’s side, they could collect Infinity Stones and eventually become Thanos. This LTM remains one of the most exciting Fortnite LTMs ever to be released in the game, and it would be a shame if it never made a return.



2. The Getaway




Most of the game modes in Fortnite require players to survive and outlast all the other players (or to eliminate them). However, The Getaway is one mode that does not. Instead of trying to stay on the island until all of the other players are gone, this mode requires the opposite from the players.


In this mode, players were supposed to collect a jewel and take it out from the map. This could usually be done by searching or tracking and eliminating the team that is in possession of it. The final and most exciting step of this mode was to escape the island in the end.


The Getaway LTM has been gone for some time but desperately needs to come back to the game, and there are some players who eagerly wait for its return!



3. Wick’s Bounty




Now is a great time for the Wick’s Bounty LTM to make a return in the game with John Wick: Chapter 4 set to release this year. There is no better time to bring back the crossover, and it is an opportunity that Epic Games rarely passes up on.


The very first time that this LTM was released in the game was for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, so it would be pretty surprising for players not to see it come back once again. In the Wick’s Bounty LTM, players spawn with three lives.


They are provided with a rare Combat Shotgun as well as a rare Tactical Assault Rifle. Killing an enemy or Eliminations would reward players with gold coins, and teams are required to get 300 coins in order to win in Duos or 500 gold coins to win in Squads.



4. Classic Loot


Screenshot_2023 02 14_192554


One thing gamers regret quite a lot about the new season of Fortnite is the lack of old weapons in the game. Players wish to see the return of the Pump Shotgun or SCAR, but there is a pretty good chance that those days might never come back.


As they are in the vault, these weapons can be used in LTMs. The Classic Loot LTM is among some of the best for that reason only. Players miss the original weapons as well as the original game.


The return of this LTM seems to be the only way to make everyone happy and to give them the ability to use their favorite weapons once again. If Epic Games does not wish to put them in the main game modes, then this is one way in which they might as well add them.



5. High Explosives


Screenshot_2023 02 14_192707


It can be quite thrilling for gamers to play with explosive weapons in Fortnite. Sadly though, the current loot pool in Chapter 4 Season 1 of the game has very limited options. LTMs are suitable for changing the regular gameplay, so explosives would be a great addition.


The High Explosives LTM provides players with all the explosive weapons they can hold and gives them the task of eliminating all the other players. That might sound easy to you, but it is actually not, especially with weapons that hold the abiliy to kill oneself as quickly as another.



It can be a dangerous game, but it is also pretty exciting and fun to play, so here is to hoping that it makes a comeback in the game!

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