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Fortnite NPC Locations: Where To Find All NPCs In Chapter 4 Season 1

Fortnite NPC Locations: Where To Find All NPCs In Chapter 4 Season 1
Written by: Shizza

With time, NPCs have started to play important roles in Fortnite, from offering bounties and quests to selling players weapons and resources. There are a few NPCs who would also fight and reward you with some amazing items if you end up winning.


Players are also required to meet some of these NPCs over the course of Chapter 4 Season 1, to complete certain quests and earn XP. So, it will surely be worth your time to study the list of NPCs below in Fortnite and try to remember where each one can be found.



In the most recent season, there are far fewer NPCs as compared to the previous seasons. This makes it more difficult to cross paths with these characters. Following is a list of all the NPCs in the game, along with their location, from classics to the originals from the Battle Pass.



Fortnite NPCs And Their Locations In Chapter 4 Season 1


NPC locations




1. Princess Felicity Fish

Can be found on top of Western Watch, a stone tower southwest of The Citadel


2. Snowheart

Can be found at the Cold Cavern which is far northwest of Brutal Bastion


3. Aura

On Crude Harbor which is far north of Brutal Bastion


4. Wild Card

Walking around the northern side of Shattered Slabs


5. Scrapknight Jules

Walking around Faulty Splits


6. Sunflower

Frenzy Fields


7. Evie

Walking around Shore Shack which is southwest of Shattered Slabs


8. Joni the Red

Walking around Rowdy Acres, the farm southwest of Frenzy Fields


9. Frozen Fishstick

Outside a cabin near the frozen lake, west of Brutal Bastion


10. Surr Burger

Inside a building at Anvil Square


11. Frozen Red Knight

At the center of Brutal Bastion


12. Helsie

In the forest northwest of Faulty Splits


13. Neymar Jr.

Inside the football pitch at Slappy Shores


14. Raptorian the Brave

On a hill at Pleasant Passage which is east of Shattered Slabs


15. Omega Knight

Walking around Secluded Spire, which is southwest of Slappy Shores




These are all the NPCs characters present in Fortnite Chapter 4 so far, as well as their location. As can be seen, there are only 15 characters in the current season, which is far fewer than the 46 NPCs that were available in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.



This Season also features a boss known as The Ageless, but he does not appear on the NPC list. He can be found roaming around The Citadel, and it is very tough to defeat him. However, if you do succeed in defeating him, you will get to keep his Mythic Ex-Calibur Rifle.


Like always, it is highly possible that Fortnite will add more NPCs as Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 progresses.

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