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What Are Accolades In Fortnite

What Are Accolades In Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

In Fortnite, Accolades serve as a dynamic way to enhance your gameplay experience, providing an array of small yet significant achievements throughout Battle Royale matches. These rewards, automatically granted for various in-game actions, boost your XP and offer a sense of accomplishment and progression. Whether you're a veteran player or new to the island, understanding and pursuing Accolades can significantly enrich your Fortnite journey.


They act as milestones, marking your in-game feats, from strategic plays to sheer survival skills. In this guide, we delve into the essence of Accolades—what they are, how to earn, and how they can transform your Fortnite experience, making every match an opportunity to achieve and showcase your prowess.




What are Accolades?


Accolades in Fortnite are a set of in-game achievements that recognize players for various accomplishments during their matches. These acknowledgments range from basic feats, like being the first player to land on the ground, to more complex tasks, such as achieving a certain number of eliminations or assisting teammates in critical situations. Each Accolade earned contributes to your overall experience points (XP), helping you level up and progress through the Battle Pass more efficiently.



How to Earn Accolades




Earning Accolades in Fortnite is an engaging process that naturally aligns with the various activities you undertake during a match. From the moment you leap from the Battle Bus, opportunities to secure these achievements are abundant. Whether it's being the first to land, engaging an enemy, or discovering a hidden item, each action can bring you closer to a new Accolade.


To actively pursue Accolades, stay aware of the in-game actions that are rewarded. Engaging with different facets of the game—like looting, exploring, combat, and teamwork—can all lead to Accolades. For instance, opening a certain number of chests, achieving eliminations, or even being the first to fish in a particular area can earn you these honors.


Post-match, you can review the Accolades you've earned by navigating to the 'Match Stats' tab, providing a comprehensive overview of your achievements in that game. This feedback loop allows players to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, encouraging a more focused and strategic approach to gameplay.


Maximizing your Accolade gains can be particularly effective during periods of supercharged XP. Engaging in various activities and completing quests while this boost is active can significantly enhance your progression. Landing quickly, targeting specific challenges, and adapting your playstyle to the match's dynamics can all increase your Accolade tally, fueling your advancement through Fortnite's rewarding and competitive landscape.



Fortnite: Chapter 5 Season 2 Accolades




In Fortnite: Chapter 5 Season 2, players can strive for a variety of Accolades that not only highlight their prowess but also cater to a broad spectrum of play styles. Here's a detailed table showcasing some of the Accolades you can earn during this season, along with the actions required to achieve them:



How to Earn

Battle Ready

Be the first player to reach maximum health and shields

All Hail The Crown

kill an enemy while wearing a crown

Shotgun Master

Deal 750 Shotgun damage in a match

Adventure Buddies

Be the first to hire a character

Scorched Landing

Land at a hot spot

Quick Exit

Be the first player eliminated

Monumental Monarch

Claim a capture point

Head Hunter

Hit 10 headshots in a match


Capture a Victory Crown

Royale Vengeance

Kill 3 enemies while wearing a crown

Single Digits

Achieve 5 eliminations in a match

Survivor III

Remain until 10 players are left

Multi Elimination

Achieve 3 eliminations within a short duration

Early Bird

Be the first to acquire a Legendary item


Down an opponent with a headshot

Ludicrous Shot

Achieve a kill from over 200 meters

Get Ahead

Hit 20 headshots in a match

Jack Of All Trades

Deal damage with 5 different weapon types in a match

Double Elimination

Achieve 2 eliminations within a short duration

Who's The Boss?

Defeat a Fortnite Boss

Gift of Life

Be the first to reboot a player

Open Season

Hunt 3 wildlife in a match

First Landing

Be the first player in the match to touch the ground

Long Shot

Achieve a kill from over 150 meters

AR Specialist

Deal 250 Assault Rifle damage in a match

Better Late Than Never

Land after the first storm forms

Mega Elimination

Achieve 4 eliminations within a short duration

Lucky Llama

Be the first to eliminate a fleeing supply llama

Sniper Specialist

Deal 250 Sniper damage in a match

Under The World You Go

Defeat Hades

Survivor II

Remain until 25 players are left

SMG Expert

Deal 500 SMG damage in a match

Finders Keepers

Be the first to collect a weapon from an eliminated player

Game Keeper

Hunt 6 wildlife in a match

Sniper Expert

Deal 500 Sniper damage in a match

Can of Worms

Catch 5 fish in a match

Alpha Predator

Be the first to hunt wildlife

Double Digits

Achieve 10 eliminations in a match

Shotgun Specialist

Deal 250 Shotgun damage in a match

High Roller

Spend 500 Bars in a match


Catch 15 fish in a match

Bird of Prey

Be the first to catch a chicken

AR Master

Deal 750 Assault Rifle damage in a match

Ammo Scavenger

Search 10 Ammo boxes in a match


Hunt 9 wildlife in a match

Gilded Glory

Collect 100 Bars in a match

Sniper Master

Deal 750 Sniper damage in a match

Medical Master

Restore 750 health in a match

Loot Stockpiler

Search 10 Chests in a match


Catch 10 fish in a match

Ammo Scrounger

Search 5 Ammo boxes in a match

SMG Specialist

Deal 250 SMG damage in a match

Loot Collector

Search 5 Chests in a match

Gold Rush

Collect 50 Bars in a match

AR Expert

Deal 500 Assault Rifle damage in a match

Shield Master

Gain 750 Shields in a match

Big Spender

Spend 250 Bars in a match

Medical Specialist

Restore 250 health in a match

Compulsive Shopper

Spend 1,000 Bars in a match

Melee Master

Deal 750 Melee damage in a match

Shield Specialist

Gain 250 Shields in a match

Demolition Specialist

Destroy 50 structures

Shotgun Expert

Deal 500 Shotgun damage in a match

Medical Expert

Restore 500 health in a match

Melee Expert

Deal 500 Melee damage in a match

Demolition Master

Destroy 1,000 structures

Melee Specialist

Deal 250 Melee damage in a match

Shield Expert

Gain 500 Shields in a match

SMG Master

Deal 750 SMG damage in a match





Fortnite's Accolades offer a rich layer of engagement and achievement, rewarding players for their skill, strategy, and dedication. These accolades enhance the gaming experience by providing specific goals and challenges and helping players advance rapidly through the Battle Pass. Whether you're a solo adventurer or a team player, pursuing Accolades adds depth to your Fortnite journey, encouraging exploration, innovation, and mastery across various aspects of the game. Embrace these challenges, and let your Accolades showcase your evolving Fortnite saga, making each match memorable and rewarding.

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