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The Best Parkour Maps Codes (2023)

The Best Parkour Maps Codes (2023)
Written by: Mohsin

Parkour maps in Fortnite are similar to the death run maps, where the goal is to complete the entire course and reach the end of the map. In these maps, a high level of jumping and mantling skills are needed to allow you to get to the end.


A significant difference between Deathrun maps and Parkour maps is that death run maps are more straightforward, meaning the goal is defined and easily understandable. In Parkour maps, however, you must plan your route and strategy to progress further. Some maps even blend death run and parkour styles together to give you the best of both worlds.



Best Parkour Maps in Fortnite and Their Codes


This list of Fortnite Parkour maps will list some of the best parkour maps in Fortnite Creative mode. It has easy and low-skilled maps to help you learn the basics of Parkour in the game and more complex maps that will give you a tough challenge.


Here is a list of the best Parkour maps in Fortnite:


  1. Escape the World Parkour: 6831-5416-6480
  2. Parkour Skills Deathrun: 8911-3482-9121
  3. Fast Parkour: 0887-5222-3332
  4. 12th Hour's Skyline Parkour: 8179-2745-8881
  5. Infinite Parkour: 7004-5908-4189
  6. Easy Rainbow Funrun: 1025-0916-0505
  7. Ruination City Slide Parkour: 1564-5327-0724
  8. High Tower Escape 3: 9922-6888-3041
  9. FFA Parkour Wars: 9534-9804-6627


1. Escape the World Parkour


Island Code: 6831-5416-6480




Escape the world parkour allows players to traverse different environments and parkour through them. The game has checkpoints after each level, meaning you don’t have to start from the beginning when you die.


The levels on this map start off easy to let you feel the environment and become difficult as you progress further. The green platforms on the map are good, and you have to step on them while avoiding the orange-colored “lasers,” which will kill you if you touch them.



This map has moving platforms, fake bridges, and air that pushes you up. All these mechanics make this map extremely fun to play.



2. Parkour Skills Deathrun


Island Code: 8911-3482-9121




The second map on our list is the Parkour Skills Deathrun. This is a gorgeous map with the fog, rain, and birds that make up the environment. It utilizes this environment perfectly as the platforms are placed on the walls and floors and blend perfectly into the atmosphere. The platforms blend in so perfectly that it somewhat adds a new level of difficulty to the game.


It also has checkpoints after every level, so you don’t lose your progress when you die. The variety of obstacles this map has will surely give you a challenging time, and its beauty will constantly keep you engaged.



3. Fast Parkour


Island Code: 0887-5222-3332




The environment of the Fast Parkour map gives you a real-life parkour experience. It is a challenging map built around the new sprinting, sliding, and mantling movement mechanics in Fortnite. The map is extremely fast-paced, and your character has a speed boost all the time.


There is also an overhead directional arrow that shows you the direction of the next checkpoint, much like the one in old Need for Speed games. The goal is to complete the entire course in the shortest time possible.


This map is best for speed runners and people who like a good challenge.



4. 12th Hour's Skyline Parkour


Island Code: 8179-2745-8881




This map is for the fans of the popular parkour game Mirror’s Edge. The design of this map, as well as the platforms and buildings, takes heavy inspiration from the game.


Like in Mirror’s Edge, the goal is to jump from building to building making complex parkour moves. The platforms that connect the buildings are also orange, just like in the game where platforms are colored orange to guide you easily.


Guards shoot at you around the map, so you must be careful when running around corridors. Luckily, the map uses Overshield, meaning you’ll get back some health after not taking damage for a while.



5. Infinite Parkour


Island Code: 7004-5908-4189



The Infinite Parkour map is built with an interesting concept in mind. It allows friends to compete to test their speed and parkour skills. The map is based on a round system. All players must start from the bottom and make their way up in a randomly generated parkour course every round.


Lava rises from the ground and kills any players caught by it, and the last person alive in each round wins. Your goal is quickly reaching the top and being the last player standing.



The map also awards you coins as you play the game. You can use these coins to purchase useful items like the grappler, jetpack, etc. You can also sabotage other players with these coins.



6. Easy Rainbow Funrun


Island Code: 1025-0916-0505




This is a simple and fun map for the players who want to enjoy a peaceful and non-stressful parkour map in Fortnite. The vibrant colors, rainbows, clouds, and sky backdrop make this island calming and enjoyable.



The platforms are small clouds that you have to jump on. There is a checkpoint after every few clouds meaning you don’t lose too much progress in case you fall off.


And if you do fall off, the map instantly teleports you back to the last checkpoint instead of taking a few mins to load. Oh, and there are spike traps!




7. Ruination City Slide Parkour


Island Code: 1564-5327-0724




This parkour map is built around the sliding mechanics introduced at the beginning of Chapter 3. This is a challenging map that doesn’t provide any learning curve. Instead, you are directly put into the deep waters.


Speaking of waters, this map has constant heavy rainfall, which makes it difficult to see the surroundings. The environment is made of tall buildings and skyscrapers. You have to jump on platforms placed in between and on the side of these buildings to progress forward.



Overall, it is a tough map, and you are suggested to stay far from it unless you are up for a serious challenge!



8. High Tower Escape 3


High Tower Escape 1: 1426-9117-0036

High Tower Escape 2: 7459-0705-3637

High Tower Escape 3: 9922-6888-3041




High Tower Escape 3 is an escape room and a parkour map mixed into one! The map doesn’t lean too much on the parkour side since the parkour on this map is pretty basic, although some jumps can prove to be challenging.


The main challenge of this map is to use your brain to analyze your surroundings and find a way to the next level.



This map has all the shenanigans of an escape room, fake walls, and baits to distract you from the actual solutions.



9. FFA Parkour Wars

Island Code: 9534-9804-6627


FFA Parkour Wars is a simple yet fun map. It is an excellent map to play with your friends to warm up before you drop into an actual match of Fortnite. The map consists of a short course; the challenge is to be the first one to complete the course.

The map can be played with up to 16 friends, meaning you’ll have ample space for all your friends.

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