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How to Defeat Wildguard Relik Boss in Fortnite

How to Defeat Wildguard Relik Boss in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

The most recent update to Fortnite, v25.10, introduced a new formidable NPC boss to the island, known as Wildguard Relik. The addition came as part of Chapter 4 Season 3, and brings exciting elements to both Battle Royale and Zero Build modes. The update also includes various game adjustments, such as a new cloaking item for invisibility, weapon vault changes, and the addition of certain augments.


Situated in the jungle biome of Fortnite's island, Wildguard Relik stands as a unique feature in the game. In contrast to Highcard, another boss, Relik uses his Cloak Gauntlets to become invisible, initiating an attack on approaching players. Though he might seem intimidating, there are certain strategies that can make defeating Wildguard Relik manageable.




Where to Find Wildguard Relik


Wildguard Relik, the boss character of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, is located within the jungle biome of Fortnite's island, emphasizing the season's focus on this new environment. You'll need to travel to Rumble Ruins, a point of interest situated in the southwestern region of the jungle map, to find him.




Relik has a general pattern of roaming around the main building, specifically the large edifice located on the eastern side of Rumble Ruins. His attention is usually drawn westward, overseeing the goings-on at Rumble Ruins, but occasionally, he can be found entering the building and exiting from the north. So, keep a watchful eye on these areas to locate him.


Remember, though, that Wildguard Relik is equipped with Cloak Gauntlets and can go invisible, which can add an unexpected twist to the hunt. Approach with caution and be prepared for a challenge, as the boss's location is just the start of the battle. But if you manage to defeat him, the rewards will be well worth the effort.



How to beat Wildguard Relik in Fortnite


Conquering Wildguard Relik in Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds demands strategy, precision, and preparedness. As a challenging NPC boss with formidable abilities, here are the steps and tips to effectively take down Wildguard Relik:




  1. Equip Yourself: Before engaging with Wildguard Relik, make sure you have stocked up on shield potions, health packs, and ammunition. Equip yourself with weapons that have high damage and accuracy. A combination of assault rifles and shotguns can be effective.
  2. Understand His Abilities: Wildguard Relik has the capacity to teleport short distances, use Cloak Gauntlets to become invisible and throw Wildwasp Jars to inflict damage. Knowing this can help you anticipate his moves.
  3. Locate Wildguard Relik: As discussed earlier, he is generally found around the main building in Rumble Ruins. It is wise to observe him from a distance before engaging to understand his patrol pattern.
  4. Engage From a Distance: Initially, attack him from a distance to avoid getting hit by the Wildwasp Jars. Use an assault rifle or any ranged weapon. It will also cause him to use his cloak.
  5. Spotting him While Cloaked: While he is invisible, keep an eye out for disturbances in the environment, such as moving grass or floating Wildwasp Jars. Shooting him while he is cloaked will make him visible again.
  6. Build for Protection: Use building materials to construct barriers and high ground. It will not only protect you from the Wildwasp Jars but also give you an advantage point to shoot from.
  7. Keep Moving: Constantly move around to make it difficult for Wildguard Relik to target you, especially with the Wildwasp Jars.
  8. Close Combat: Once his health is low and he has used his cloak, get in close with a shotgun or SMG to finish him off. Be cautious as this is the point where he is most dangerous.
  9. Deal with Wildwasps: If you get hit by a Wildwasp Jar, keep moving and jumping to avoid as much damage as possible. If you can, build barriers to block the wasps.
  10. Use the Environment: If available, use the natural cover in Rumble Ruins to your advantage. Hiding behind trees or ruins can sometimes help in avoiding damage.


Remember that defeating Wildguard Relik will require quick reflexes and the ability to adapt to the situation. Stay calm, and if things get too intense, don’t hesitate to disengage and heal up before going back into the fray.



What loot does Fortnite's Wildguard Relik drop?


After successfully defeating Wildguard Relik in Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds, players are rewarded with some highly desirable loot, making the hard-fought battle well worth the effort. Wildguard Relik drops two unique Mythic items that can significantly enhance your arsenal and gameplay.


  • Mythic MK-Alpha Assault Rifle: This is a high-powered, top-tier version of an assault rifle. The Mythic MK-Alpha Assault Rifle is the ultimate prize and one of the most potent weapons in the game. It boasts a higher damage output, faster firing rate, and greater accuracy compared to its non-mythic counterparts. It's particularly useful for mid to long-range combat and can give players a substantial edge in their battles.




  • Mythic Cloaking Device: The other valuable item dropped by Wildguard Relik is a Mythic version of the new cloaking device. This advanced tool allows players to become invisible for extended periods, providing a strategic advantage in avoiding enemies or planning surprise attacks. The Mythic version of the Cloaker has a shorter cooldown period than its lower-rarity counterparts, allowing players to use it more frequently. It should be noted, however, that you must keep the cloaking device selected in your inventory to maintain the invisibility effect. Switching to another weapon will immediately deactivate the cloak and initiate a cooldown period.


Remember that while the cloaking device offers tactical advantages, it also requires careful handling. As soon as you switch to another weapon or item, the cloaking effect ends immediately, triggering a cooldown. Therefore, timing and strategic use of the cloaking device is essential to maximize its benefits.


It's also important to remember that only one Mythic MK-Alpha Assault Rifle is available per match, which makes it even more valuable. The addition of these two items could very well turn the tide of the match in your favor, making the defeat of Wildguard Relik an attractive prospect for those keen on securing a victory royale. As such, expect Rumble Ruins to become a hotspot in Fortnite during this season.


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