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All Chapter 4 Season 4 Reality Augments in Fortnite

All Chapter 4 Season 4 Reality Augments in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, players are introduced to an array of new features aimed at elevating their gaming experience, especially when it comes to pulling off the ultimate heist.


Gone is the previous jungle-centric theme of Fortnite WILDS, now replaced by the eerie allure of Fortnite's Last Resort. This update not only introduces three novel Points of Interest (POIs), but it also refreshes the Battle Pass and expands the arsenal with a unique set of weapons. Among the standout additions are the return of fan-favorite Midas' Drum Gun and the introduction of nine innovative Reality Augments designed to enhance your gameplay.


In this guide, we'll delve into each of these new Reality Augments, offering a comprehensive overview of how they can boost your performance in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4.




What Are Reality Augments in Fortnite?


Reality Augments serve as unique power-ups that enhance various aspects of your gameplay in Fortnite, including your weapons, items, and even your character's abilities. These enhancements can give you a competitive edge, whether it's speeding up your weapon reload times, boosting your jump height, or triggering special Slap effects, among other bonuses.




Players have the option to select between two different Augments at any given time. These Augments will remain active either until the match concludes or until you're taken out of the game. What's more, you can stack up to four Augments simultaneously, allowing for increasingly strategic gameplay as the match progresses.


To maximize your chances of victory, it's crucial to activate Reality Augments whenever they become available—rest assured, your opponents will be doing the same.



How to Use Reality Augments in Fortnite


As soon as the Battle Bus departs from the initial island, a countdown for Augments starts ticking. You'll have to wait for 2 minutes and 45 seconds before you can activate your first Reality Augment, which coincides with two minutes before the initial storm circle starts to shrink.


After this initial activation, players will have the opportunity to add another Augment to their arsenal every few minutes. You can have a maximum of four active Reality Augments during a single match. When it comes time to select an Augment, you'll be presented with two random options. If neither suits your needs, you have the chance to reroll for a different set of choices. The first reroll is complimentary, but any subsequent rerolls will cost you 100 gold bars.


It's important to note that once an Augment is activated, it remains in effect until the match ends or you're eliminated. So choose carefully and strategize how each Augment will complement the others; some Augments can synergize exceptionally well, providing a significant advantage in the game.



How to Reroll Reality Augments in Fortnite




If the initial two Augment options don't suit your strategy, you can reroll them by pressing the designated 'Reroll' button located at the bottom of the Augment selection menu. This action will generate a new random Augment to replace one of the original choices.


While the first reroll in a match won't cost you anything, subsequent rerolls will set you back 100 gold bars each.


How to Unlock Additional Reality Augments in Fortnite


If you're new to the game, some Augments may initially be unavailable to you. To unlock more Reality Augments, continue to participate in various Fortnite modes such as Battle Royale, Zero Build, and Team Rumble. As you play, there's a small but exciting chance that a previously locked Augment will appear among your two randomized choices.




When this happens, you'll notice a yellow 'Unlocked!' badge displayed beneath the Augment's image during the selection process. Since these unlocks are rare occurrences, it's advisable to choose the newly available Augment to add it to your repertoire.



Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4: Comprehensive List of New Reality Augments




Here's an in-depth look at the fresh Reality Augments introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4:


  1. High Voltage: Gain a Business Turret and Shield Breaker EMPs instantly, with additional EMPs awarded for eliminations.
  2. Fast Fisher: This Augment significantly boosts your swimming speed and allows you to instantly loot any fishing hole you swim through.
  3. On the Go Bag: Any container you open will include an item typically found in a Heist Bag.
  4. Sniper Striker: Landing shots on players with a sniper rifle will activate a Siphon effect.
  5. Explosive Surplus: This one instantly furnishes you with Rocket ammo and rewards you with additional Rocket ammo upon opening containers.
  6. Storm Chaser: This Augment reduces the stamina drain while tactical sprinting and offers additional stamina reduction when inside a storm.
  7. Ammo Drop: With this active, you'll instantly receive ammo, and any players you eliminate will drop extra ammunition.
  8. Pistol Salvo: Your pistols will have a reduced firing rate but will deal increased damage.
  9. First Shotgun: Shotguns gain a damage boost for the first shot, although the maximum headshot damage remains unchanged. This Augment appears to be particularly deadly, resembling the First Assault perk for Assault Rifles and promising to be a game-changer in close combat situations.



Returning Reality Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4




Below are the Reality Augments making a comeback this season:


  1. Light Fingers: Weapons that use Light Ammo will reload faster.
  2. First Assault: The first bullet in your Assault Rifle's magazine deals extra damage.
  3. Supercharged: Vehicles you're in will have increased health and consume fuel only when boosting.
  4. Steady Hands: Marksman Rifles benefit from reduced recoil.
  5. SMG Sign Off: The last three bullets in your SMG magazine deal extra damage.
  6. Keymaster: Provides two Keys for unlocking Holo-Chests.
  7. Rarity Check: Eliminations with Common or Uncommon weapons activate a siphon effect.
  8. Sprint Lines: Utilizing grind vines, grind rails, ziplines, or Ascenders triggers a Slap effect.
  9. Medium Ammo Acquired: Instantly receive medium ammo, with additional ammo granted upon opening containers.
  10. Mud Warrior: Health and Shield regeneration is activated when you're in or covered with mud.
  11. Scope Salvo: Scoped weapons deal more damage but have a slower fire rate.


Notably Absent Reality Augments Some Reality Augments like Soaring Sprints, Desperate Reload, Wildwasp Weaponry, and Reckless Rifle Reload are missing from this season.

With this detailed list, you're now well-equipped to strategize and maximize your gameplay in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4.


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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 has significantly elevated the gameplay experience by introducing a slew of new and returning Reality Augments. From the high-stakes boost of 'First Shotgun' to the strategic value of 'Storm Chaser,' these Augments offer a dynamic layer of complexity that players can use to refine their strategies and achieve victory. Additionally, with the option to reroll Augments and continuously unlock more through gameplay, the possibilities for customization and tactical depth are virtually endless.


As players dive deeper into the season, mastering the synergy between these Reality Augments will likely become a pivotal aspect of dominating the Fortnite battlefield. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the island, these Augments offer something for everyone, promising a season filled with thrilling encounters and unforgettable moments.


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