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How to Jam in Fortnite

How to Jam in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Fortnite's latest season brings an exciting twist with the Week 8 challenge that's music to players' ears: learning how to jam! As Chapter 5 Season 2 enters its climactic phase, the game introduces an innovative musical element distinct from the usual emotes. Instead of traditional gestures, players are now invited to perform Jam Tracks on stages across the island. 


This new feature enhances the gaming experience with a rhythmic flair and integrates seamlessly with ongoing celebrations, like the upcoming Star Wars Day event. Whether you're a battle-hardened veteran or a casual player, mastering how to jam in Fortnite using unique Jam Tracks can add a new layer of fun as you gear up to earn XP and claim exciting rewards.




The Concept of Jamming in Fortnite




Jamming in Fortnite introduces a novel way to interact with the game's environment and fellow players, diverging significantly from standard emotes. Unique to the vibrant Fortnite Festival, Jamming allows players to perform musical sessions on designated stages, using custom Jam Tracks from their personal locker. Unlike emotes, primarily dance moves or gestures, Jamming involves selecting a specific track and musical instrument to create a live performance scenario within the game.


This feature elevates the player's experience by merging gameplay with musical creativity. Jam Tracks, which can be set up in your locker like emotes, provide a soundtrack to your adventures and battles. Players must navigate to the Festival's Jam Stage to engage in a Jam session. In this dedicated area, you can showcase your musical talents and interact with the game's dynamic environment melodically and expressively. This immersive approach enhances the entertainment value and connects players through shared musical moments, making each session uniquely memorable.



How to Jam in Fortnite: Battle Royale & Zero Build




Jamming in Fortnite, whether in Zero Build or Battle Royale modes, offers a musical twist to the usual fast-paced gameplay. To get started, you first need to customize your in-game Locker with Jam Tracks. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting the stage for your musical exploits:


  1. Access Your Locker: Start by navigating to your Locker from the game's main menu.
  2. Set Up Jam Tracks: Within the Locker, you'll find an option for Jam Tracks. Here, you can assign up to eight different tracks, similar to how you choose your favorite emotes.
  3. Join a Match: Enter a Zero Build or Battle Royale match.
  4. Initiate a Jam Session: Hold the Emote button to open the Emote wheel during gameplay, then navigate to either the Jam Loops or Locker Jam Loops tabs.
  5. Select Your Music and Instrument: From the wheel, pick the Jam Track you want to play and choose your preferred musical instrument.
  6. Start Jamming: Release the button to begin your performance. You can jam to your selected track anywhere on the map.


Remember, you're vulnerable to enemy actions while jamming, as you cannot use weapons during a performance. Finding a safe spot or ensuring you have teammates around to cover you while you're lost in the music is advisable.



Fortnite Jam Tracks: How to Acquire




To fully engage in Fortnite's musical challenges and enhance your gameplay experience, you'll need to acquire Jam Tracks. These tracks serve as the backbone of the Jamming feature, providing various musical styles and beats. Here's how you can add these essential items to your collection:

  1. Purchase from the Item Shop: The quickest way to get Jam Tracks is by purchasing them directly from the Fortnite Item Shop. Each track costs around 500 V-Bucks, offering a straightforward way to expand your musical arsenal instantly.
  2. Unlock through the Festival Pass: The Festival Pass presents an excellent opportunity for those who prefer earning their rewards. This pass comes with both free and premium tiers. While the free tier allows you to unlock Jam Tracks based on in-game music at no additional cost, the premium tier, priced at 1,800 V-Bucks, includes exclusive tracks from featured artists. You can advance through the tiers by completing quests and collecting Festival Points, gradually unlocking more Jam Tracks.
  3. Convert Lobby Songs: Some Lobby Songs in your collection may become Jam Tracks. Look for songs in your locker that are marked with a notice about future inclusion as Jam Tracks. This feature allows you to utilize familiar tunes in new ways.
  4. Complete Special Quests: Keep an eye on special events and quests that pop up throughout the season. These often reward players with unique Jam Tracks upon completion, adding to your collection without needing to spend V-Bucks.



Complete the Week 8 Challenge: Specific Locations




The Week 8 challenge in Fortnite adds an exciting layer to the game by requiring players to jam at two iconic locations on the map: Restored Reel's stage and Slumberyard's dance floor. Successfully jamming at these sites advances your progress in the game and provides a rewarding experience. Here's how to complete this musical mission:


  1. Prepare Your Jam Tracks: Before diving into the challenge, ensure your Jam Tracks are set up in your locker. Choose tracks that suit your style or the ambiance of the locations for an extra touch of fun.
  2. Locate the Venues: Both Restored Reel and Slumberyard are marked on the game map. Please familiarize yourself with their locations and plan your entry strategy to avoid conflicts with other players.
  3. Initiate the Jam Session:
    • At Restored Reel's stage, find the performance area designed for player interactions.
    • At Slumberyard's dance floor, step onto the designated space where you can start your performance.
    • Open your Emote wheel by pressing the designated key/button, navigate to the Jam Loops category, select your preferred song and instrument, and press the select button to begin playing.
  1. Complete the Performance: You will need to perform at each location to complete the challenge. Stay safe while jamming; these areas can attract other players who might disrupt your performance.
  2. Earn Rewards: Upon successfully jamming at both locations, you'll earn free XP and possibly other Quest Rewards, enhancing your overall Fortnite experience.


Following these steps will help you effortlessly complete the Week 8 challenge, allowing you to enjoy both Fortnite's competitive and creative aspects. Remember, collaboration with friends or teammates can make this challenge even more enjoyable and safer.





Embracing the musical features of Fortnite through Jam Tracks not only adds a layer of fun but also enhances your overall gaming experience. Whether performing on the festive stages of Restored Reel or Slumberyard or simply enjoying the beats while battling, learning how to jam in Fortnite brings a refreshing twist to the game. As you expand your Jam Track collection and master the art of Jamming, you'll find new ways to connect with other players and express yourself musically. 

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