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The Best Fortnite Controller Settings (2023)

The Best Fortnite Controller Settings (2023)
Written by: qasali038
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When it comes to playing video games like Fortnite, you'll really like to give yourself every potential edge over your competitors. Make sure that your controller has the finest settings for key configurations and other features, and you'll move from a novice to an expert in no time.


However, what is the ideal settings for your Fortnite controller? Continue along as we look into the best controller settings for Fortnite which will assist you to improve your gameplay!





Get ready to win Fortnite games with these 5 Fortnite controller tips! 



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Try to Build Faster


Everyone knows that building is one of the special parts of this Battle Royale game and the faster you build, the greater the advantage you gain. We recommend lowering your Build Sensitivity to around 1.8 to 2.1 to have more control over the parts you place. A higher Build Sensitivity can cause inaccurate placement if you want to be precise but most importantly fast. 


You should also use the "Builder Pro" configuration to speed up the building process. Quickly tap a paddle to enter build mode, and then switch between building parts, placing, and editing while still jumping to get to higher levels.



Find the Best Thumbstick


While learning and mastering building is definitely important, Fortnite still requires you to be a good marksman. While it's important to tailor your sensitivity to how you want to play with it, finding the best thumbsticks for your playstyle is also important. This not only improves your aiming, but also the speed with which you aim and move. 


Players who enjoy using sniper rifles may prefer high-precision aiming accuracy, so a long curved thumbstick will be beneficial to them. Players who prefer shotguns also want accuracy, but most importantly they need to be able to react quickly, so a short curved thumbstick is better for them.



Stay Organized While Looting


Want to loot fast but still stay organized? There are two ways to do this! First, you should enable tap to search/interact. Now you can find and pick up objects with a tap instead of having to hold down a button, which would only waste precious time. 



Next, go to your backpack and organize your inventory in the way that works best for you - e.g. by switching between assault rifles and shotguns instead of wasting time flipping through weapons one at a time. Being a little quicker and more organized could save you from defeat. 



Switch Weapons Quickly


Fortnite allows multiple weapon slots to be swapped, and with a SCUF there are two different ways to speed up swapping during a shootout. One option is to use your paddle for a quick tap to keep moving and aiming during combat while quickly switching weapons. 


The second option is to use digital TAP bumpers, which are similar to a mouse click and allow you to quickly switch weapons back and forth. Don't forget that switching weapons is faster than reloading when you're low on ammo! 



Use the Conditions to Your Advantage


Each new season brings new changes - and this season added a whole new challenge: water. Now you have to learn to move quickly through the water, which is why boats are a good option.  You can also water ski if you fish for a shark. While the building can give you an advantage, simple things around you can also give you an advantage. You can also hide or go to a higher location, depending on the combat situation. 




Best Fortnite Controller Settings and Sensitivity Configuration


Before starting to play a match, assuring that everything is set up properly can help in developing your abilities.  You'll be playing like a professional in no time if you use these Fortnite controller settings:




Controller Options

Controller Auto run


Build Immediately (Builder Pro)


Edit hold time

0.100 seconds

Slide Hold Time

0.1.00 seconds






Look Sensitivity

3 (Slow ++)

Aim Sensitivity (ADS)

4 (Normal)

Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier


Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier


Use advanced options




Advanced Look Sensitivity

Look Horizontal Speed


Look vertical speed


Turning horizontal boost


Turning vertical boost


Turning Boost Ramp Time

0.00 seconds

Instant Boost When Building




Advanced DownSight Sensitivity (ADS)

ADS Look Horizontal Speed


ADS Look Vertical Speed


ADS Turning Horizontal Boost


ADS Turning Vertical Boost


ADS Turing Boost Ramp Time

0.00 seconds



Advanced Sensitivity

Appearance Damping Time

0.00 seconds

Look at the input curve


Aim Assist Force




Controller Dead Zone

Left Stick Dead Zone


Right Stick Dead Zone



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