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Where are The Ruins in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Where are The Ruins in Fortnite Chapter 3?
Written by: ar1essss

Every Fortnite player, who buys Battle Pass in the game, wants to upgrade it to the max level and receives all items. But sometimes they just don't have enough time to do it, and here different missions are coming to help. Epic Games added Monarch Level Up tokens to help players in upgrading battle passes in Fortnite. Here you will find info on where are the ruins in Fortnite Chapter three.




Where can you find The Ruins in Fortnite chapter three?


Firstly, we come back to Monarch Level Up tokens. As we said, these tokens help players boost the level of battle passes. Epic Games added them in Chapter 3, and one of them is located in the ruins.


The Ruins is not a big location with a name tag, so open notepads and write. The Ruins in Fortnite can be found on the northeastern edge of the map. To come to the ruins, you need to move east after passing the Daily Bugle. The black oval in the picture below indicates the location of the ruins.




Another advantage of the Ruins as a location, it’s not her popularity. There is a big chance that no one will drop here, so when you will take the token, you can additionally loot the ruins, and prepare yourself for the late stage of the game.


As well, if you don't know which locations are the best for loot, don't hesitate to check our article Best Landing Spots And Loot Locations In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

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