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Top 10 Best Fortnite Deathrun Map Codes (2023)

Top 10 Best Fortnite Deathrun Map Codes (2023)
Written by: Mohsin

Deathrun Maps are some of the most popular Creative game mode maps in Fortnite. Map builders design these to challenge the players’ parkour and problem-solving skills. 


But death runs weren’t always a part of Fortnite, though. The hype around Deathrun maps started when FaZe Cizzorz announced his first Deathrun map. It was filled with Spike Traps and was quite challenging. The Fortnite community received the idea well, and YouTubers like Lazarbeam, Muselk, and Ali-A tried completing this Deathrun, giving the map even more popularity.



Cizzorz would make more Deathrun Maps which took advantage of other in-game mechanics to make the maps even more difficult. He has since stopped making deathruns but the concept has found a permanent place in Fortnite. 


Map designers are constantly making new maps and themes to try and give the players a tough challenge. These deathrun maps are often featured by Epic Games in the Fortnite Creative Island.



Best Deathrun Maps Codes in 2022


  1. Aqua Default Deathrun: 1315-3305-1013
  2. Glass Deathrun Map: 0907-7974-3630
  3. 50 Level Default Deathrun: 8466-6678-5812
  4. Alien Deathrun: 9566-7116-4977
  5. Fishy Deathrun 2.0: 0994-3259-8196
  6. Space Station Run: 9675-9126-0133
  7. Summer Adventure Deathrun: 8695-6900-9197
  8. Neon Deathrun Arena: 9331-6398-2740
  9. Infinite Level Default Deathrun: 2368-2970-1351
  10. Glass Prison Deathrun: 5680-9950-3491


Credits: KaidGames YouTube



1. Aqua Default Deathrun


Code: 1315-3305-1013



The first map on the list is the Aqua Default Deathrun Map. It is enjoyable to play with 50 Levels of fun. The theme of this map is aquatic life along with UFOs that float over your head as you jump through levels. The checkpoints on this map save your progress, meaning that you can reach level 30 and come back the next day to continue from there without having to start from level 1 again. If you are looking for a unique and fun death run map with little frustration, then the Aqua Default Deathrun is a must-try.



2. Glass Deathrun Map


Code: 0907-7974-3630



Our second map is the Glass Deathrun Map which can be played with up to 8 people. This map is built around a unique theme where everything is made of glass. The platforms, the walls, everything! This is why spotting the platforms can be a little challenging on some levels. But overall, it’s a great fun map. Occasionally some glass walls break to reveal the next challenge. This map also features Spike Traps and Impulse grenades on some levels to make them more challenging. PS: There is also a long corridor of Spike Traps which you have to speedrun across. Good luck!




3. 50 Level Default Deathrun


Code: 8466-6678-5812



If you are looking for a colorful and bright map, you will surely enjoy the 50-Level Default Deathrun. It is a colorful map designed with the sole purpose of having fun. The map is straightforward and features levels with Traps, Side jumps, Ice floors, Death walls, etc. The Levels are elementary and quick to complete, although you may find yourself stuck on one or two difficulty levels.



4. Alien Deathrun


Code: 9566-7116-4977



Next up, we have a Galaxy themed map called the Alien Deathrun. The story is that you talk to an alien at the start of the map who tells you that you must help him to the spaceship to save the planet. This map also features low gravity meaning the jumps are higher and farther away. While playing, you must also collect points you can use for skipping levels. Alien Deathrun is a medium-difficulty map that is super fun to play. If you like what you see, then be sure to give this map a try.



5. Fishy Deathrun 2.0


Code: 0994-3259-8196



This is a fish-themed map with more than 50 different levels. The map itself is in between the ocean with islands surrounding it. The levels are accessible at the start, becoming a little more difficult as you progress. The levels have many obstacles like Spike traps, Poison darts, etc. And PS: This map also has a corridor filled with spike traps. 



6. Space Station Run


Code: 9675-9126-0133



The following death run map is called the Space Station Run. As you can tell from the name, the theme of this map is around a space station. The story is that the planet is about to blow up, and you must quickly park your way through 20 different levels to escape the space station. The levels are made of obstacles like Spike Traps and Electric Traps. If you are looking for a challenge, this map is definitely for you.



7. Summer Adventure Deathrun


Code: 8695-6900-9197



The Summer Adventure Deathrun Map is a beautiful-looking map that is themed around summertime. It takes place near a beach and has over 25 levels featuring different in-game mechanics for you to cross. At the start, you meet a gorilla which tells you that you must complete this course to prove yourself to the kind. The map has Bounce pads, Speed pads, Vertical stairs, and rifts. There is also a bridge which you must cross quickly before it breaks, somewhat like the Spikes corridor.



8. Neon Deathrun Arena


Code: 9331-6398-2740



As you may understand by the name, this is a neon death run arena. The maps are made of green neon lights and are extremely fun to play with. It doesn’t just have a single arena like the other maps on this list. It has 6 different death run arenas that all focus on different game mechanics, i.e: Shooting, Sliding, Speed, Editing, High Gravity, and a Backwards Arena. You can choose which one you want to play, and at any point, if you wanna play a different arena, you can always emote to go back to the main area. Complete all 6 arenas to unlock the secret level.




9. Infinite Level Default Deathrun


Code: 2368-2970-1351



The Infinite Level Default Deathrun is the most unique map out of all the ones mentioned. This is because it has over 500 levels. And new levels are being added to this map every week, meaning you can never reach the end. If you want one map to spend hours on and gather progress to show off to your friends, this is the map for you. You can also play with friends to see how far everyone gets weekly. It is also an excellent map to practice all the problematic jumps in Fortnite.



10. Glass Prison Deathrun


Code: 5680-9950-3491



The Glass Prison Deathrun map can be played either alone or with friends. The story is you are stuck in a glass prison, and an explosion is about to happen. You have to parkour your way through all the levels to escape. The walls and floors are all made of cracked glass. The levels on this map have obstacles like Poison darts, Spike traps, etc. If you are looking for a unique map, give the Glass Prison Deathrun a shot.

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