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Best Landing Spots in the Fortnite OG Map

Best Landing Spots in the Fortnite OG Map
Written by: iamharoongill

The revival of Fortnite's Chapter 1 map in Season OG has sparked a wave of enthusiasm among the game's dedicated community. This update is more than just a throwback—it's a strategic reshuffle, highlighting the critical role that landing spots play in the game's fast-paced dynamics.


Each landing spot, or Point of Interest (POI), from the bustling Tilted Towers to the tranquil Shifty Shafts, presents unique opportunities for resource gathering and combat. In this guide, we'll navigate through the most iconic POIs, examining why these spots are more than mere locations on a map but key to crafting your path to victory.




Best Landing Spots in the Fortnite OG Map



1. Tilted Towers




Tilted Towers has been a name that resonates with every Fortnite player, seasoned or new. Since its inception, this urban sprawl has been the heartbeat of the map, infamous for its high-risk, high-reward gameplay. Its skyscraping buildings and tight alleyways offer a vertical complexity unrivaled by any other location. Landing here means instant action, providing both a trial by fire for newcomers and a nostalgic battlefield for veterans.


The strategic advantages of Tilted Towers are numerous. Its central location ensures you're always within the storm's grace, and the dense architecture is a treasure trove of loot. It's a perfect spot for those looking to engage immediately and aggressively, with ample opportunities for close-quarters combat and ambushes.


Navigating Tilted Towers requires a mix of caution and courage. Keep an ear out for footsteps, always have an escape route in mind, and never underestimate the value of a good vantage point. Rooftops can be both sniper nests and lookout points, while the interiors of buildings offer a labyrinthine complexity where the next encounter is just around the corner. Remember, Tilted Towers isn't just about fighting; it's about outmaneuvering and outlasting your opponents in the concrete jungle of Fortnite OG.



2. Pleasant Park




Pleasant Park's return to Fortnite's OG map ushers in a wave of nostalgia, taking players back to the green, tree-lined streets of this idyllic suburban neighborhood. Renowned for its spacious homes and central open field, Pleasant Park has been the backdrop for countless battles and serves as a quintessential example of Fortnite's early days.


Strategically, the layout of Pleasant Park offers a diverse range of loot opportunities. The houses, each with their own potential for hidden chests and valuable items, provide a solid foundation for gearing up. The open spaces, while risky, can yield high-reward loot for those bold enough to expose themselves.


For combat, Pleasant Park demands a balance between stealth and aggression. House-to-house fighting requires a keen sense of awareness, as enemies can lurk in any corner or behind closed doors. Quick builds to protect and elevate, along with swift movements from cover to cover, are key tactics. Players must be adept at close-quarters combat, ready to pivot between shotguns for indoor engagements and assault rifles for taking down opponents across the soccer field. Pleasant Park challenges players to be vigilant, adaptive, and always ready for the unexpected suburban skirmish.


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3. Kevin the Cube at Loot Lake




The enigmatic Kevin the Cube has become an iconic symbol within Fortnite's storied history, merging mystery with gameplay ever since it first appeared. Its return at Loot Lake in Season OG is more than a nostalgic nod; it's a pivotal event that adds a layer of unpredictability and excitement to the match.


Loot Lake's strategic position at the heart of the map offers a considerable tactical advantage. Its proximity to major landmarks means shorter travel times when the storm closes in, and the lake itself can serve as a natural barrier against enemy advances. The abundance of resources in this area makes it a hotspot for early-game loot gathering.


Kevin the Cube's presence introduces a dynamic element to the gameplay. As it moves, it alters the terrain and creates new opportunities and challenges for players. Anticipating Kevin's path can be crucial for planning rotations and ambushes. The Cube also serves as a beacon for player activity, so expect skirmishes to break out frequently in its vicinity. Players must stay alert to the Cube's influence on the environment and be ready to adapt their strategies to the evolving landscape it leaves in its wake.



4. Viking Village




Viking Village, perched atop a hill, is Fortnite’s homage to Norse settlements, complete with longhouses and a stranded longboat. Its off-the-beaten-path location between several hotspots means it’s often overlooked, making it a hidden gem for those looking to avoid the initial rush of combat.


The ambiance of the Viking Village is distinctive, with its snowy terrain and rustic architecture providing a stark contrast to the rest of the map. This thematic area isn't just for show; it provides a unique battleground with its elevation changes and limited visibility.


For loot, Viking Village is surprisingly rich. Its buildings house a generous number of chests, and its relative obscurity on the map means there’s less competition for these resources. Engagements here tend to be close quarters within the confines of the village, requiring quick reflexes and a proactive approach to building cover.


Starting in Viking Village offers several strategic approaches. Players can gear up relatively undisturbed before planning their next move. Given its higher elevation, it’s a fantastic spot for scouting out neighboring areas like Snobby Shores or Greasy Grove and planning an attack on unsuspecting players. Additionally, the elevation offers a glide advantage, allowing for longer jumps off the mountain when rotating to new zones. Those who begin their match in this quaint Viking outpost can enjoy a brief respite before plunging into the fray.



5. Paradise Palms




Paradise Palms, an oasis in the Fortnite desert, is a treasure trove of resources for the savvy player. This tropical resort, replete with palm trees and sun-kissed buildings, offers an extensive array of gear, from high-tier weapons to plentiful shields, amidst its luxurious landscape. The area is rich not just in loot but also in materials, with numerous objects providing ample harvesting opportunities.


Early combat in Paradise Palms can be as heated as its climate. The region's layout, with its open spaces and long sightlines, favors those who excel in medium to long-range engagements. However, the numerous buildings also provide the chance for close-quarters combat, allowing for a versatile approach to early-game skirmishes.


What sets Paradise Palms apart is its rotation potential. The nearby Rifts serve as a tactical game-changer, offering rapid relocation options that can turn the tide of battle or facilitate a hasty retreat. Skilled players will capitalize on these Rifts to outmaneuver opponents, enabling them to dive into engagements or evade unfavorable matchups. These Rifts can be the key to survival, especially when the storm begins to close in, making Paradise Palms a top-tier starting point for those looking to control their engagement tempo.



6. Shifty Shafts




Shifty Shafts offers a subterranean maze of mining tunnels, a unique battleground setting that stands out in Fortnite's OG map. The underground paths provide cover and concealment, with scattered loot that encourages thorough exploration. The maze-like nature of Shifty Shafts makes it a haven for ambushes, with its nooks and crannies serving as excellent hiding spots for lying in wait or evading pursuit.


 Transitioning from Shifty Shafts, players can quickly reach neighboring areas like Tilted Towers or Greasy Grove, enabling swift changes in strategy depending on the circle's progression and enemy movements.



7. Risky Reels




Risky Reels' charm lies in its quaint drive-in theater layout, offering a less frenetic start compared to the map's bustling metropolises. Its loot profile is generous for its size, with chests typically found among the cars and concession stands. Crafting a loot route through Risky Reels and onto nearby landmarks such as Tomato Temple and Wailing Woods can equip players with a solid inventory relatively unchallenged. While engagements are rarer here, when they do occur, the open space offers little cover, demanding quick builds and faster reflexes to come out on top in this cinematic locale.



8. Dusty Depot




Dusty Depot, with its central map location, offers a strategic position for players to monitor and pivot to the circle's shifts. The trio of warehouses can serve as a makeshift base, providing sufficient cover and resources for survival. Its potential shines in the endgame, where players can utilize the depot's structures for cover, creating a fortified position to outlast opponents.



9. Fatal Fields




Fatal Fields combines aesthetic appeal with lurking danger. Its vast, open fields and barns necessitate a tactical approach to avoid snipers and sudden ambushes. Survival here means utilizing the natural cover and buildings effectively while being vigilant of the surroundings.



10. Lucky Landing




Lucky Landing's Asian-inspired architecture offers a visually captivating experience. The challenge lies in securing loot amid its spread-out buildings and then rotating from its edge-of-map position. Intense battles are inevitable, requiring quick adaptation to the environment's verticality and intricate layouts.





In Fortnite, the decision of where to land can set the tone for the entire match. The right landing spot blends the player's skill set with their strategic goals, whether that's high-octane combat or a more measured looting approach. While the sOG map's iconic POIs each have their distinct advantages, the interplay between a player's strategy and their ability to execute it is what truly defines the Fortnite experience.


As Season OG unfolds, players are encouraged to explore the breadth of the map, experiment with different locations, and in doing so, discover their own preferred corners of Fortnite's ever-evolving world.

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