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8 Rarest Fortnite Emotes Of 2023

8 Rarest Fortnite Emotes Of 2023
Written by: Shizza

So far, Epic Games has released around 700 Fortnite emotes. A lot of these emotes have become iconic, and players use them at every chance they can get. Sadly, though, not all of these emotes can be obtained easily by players.


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The majority of the emotes can be found in the Item Shop, but there are some that Epic Games has kept vaulted for quite a long time. Some of these emotes haven’t come back in the game for some years now, so players are eagerly waiting for their return.



In this article, we will reveal eight of the rarest Fortnite emotes of 2023. The list includes several emotes that have been released in the game in the past few years but have become extremely rare in 2023.



8 Rarest Fortnite Emotes In 2023


Among the most famous cosmetics in Fortnite Battle Royale are its emotes. Skins are the only cosmetics that are more popular than emotes, which is why it comes as a shock to no one that many players can’t wait for these emotes to make a comeback in the Item Shop.


Alas, there are many emotes in Fortnite that have not come back in a long time and have become very rare in 2023. Following are a few of the most famous ones that have now become rare:


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1. True Love




The True Love emote is one of the rarest and cheapest emotes to be found in Fortnite. As it has an Uncommon (Green) rarity, players could purchase the emote for only 200 V-Bucks, which is a huge reason why it became so famous.


It has been almost a year since fans last saw this emote in the game. However, considering this a romantic emote, there is a high chance that Epic Games will bring it back to Fortnite for Valentine’s Day in 2023. True Love was first released back in Chapter 1 Season 2 of the game.



2. I Ain’t Afraid




In the latter half of 2021, Epic Games brought the Ghostbusters to Fortnite Battle Royale. This collaboration brought tons of new cosmetic items, including ten different skins and the I Ain’t Afraid emote.


Unfortunately, these cosmetic items haven't been available for quite a long time. The emote could have been purchased at the price of $300 V-Bucks, and the last time it was seen was in December 2021.


Hopefully, players will get yet another shot at buying all of these items as soon as they come back, but so far, we are unsure of when exactly that would be.



3. Lazer Blast




The Lazer Blast Emote is one of the most famous and most-used emotes in Fortnite Battle Royale. The cosmetic item was first released during Season X and was one of the very first Icon Series emotes.


Aside from the unique animation, the emotes come with incredible music, due to which many players are huge fans of it. The emote was a part of the Fortnite x Major Lazer collaboration. Sadly, Epic Games has not brought the emote back in quite a long time, which is surprising to many.


The Lazer Blast Emote was last seen in the Item Shop in June 2021, and it does not seem as if the developers of the game will bring it back anytime soon. There were a few times when Epic Games released nearly all of the Icon Series cosmetics to the Item Shop, but this emote was an exception.



4. Dynamic Shuffle




The Lazer Blast emote is not the sole Icon Series emote that was not been seen in such a long time. Dynamic Shuffle is in a situation that is similar, and no one seems to know why Epic Games has not brought it back to the game in such a long time.


Similar to Lazer Blast, Dynamic Shuffle has unique music as well as animation, making it one of the best emotes in the game. The last time that this emote arrived in the Item Shop was all the way back in October 2021.



5. Laugh It Up




The Laugh It Up emote, also known as the “Donkey Laugh” in the Fortnite community, is one of the most toxic emotes in the video game. This emote has not been available in the Item Shop for a long time.


It was last seen back in May 2022, but it is just a matter of time before Epic Games brings it back to Fortnite. Looking at the toxicity level of this emote, there is absolutely no doubt that several players will buy it the moment it comes back to the Item Shop.



6. Dab




Dab is among some of the oldest emotes in Fortnite Battle Royale since it was released in Chapter 1 Season 1. The emote was very famous at the start, and many players wanted to get their hands on it.


However, it has not been released in the Item Shop since September 2021, which is very unusual. Since its release the very first time, the emote has returned to the game 38 times and costs 500 V-Bucks.


Strangely, Epic Games has not released the emote again lately, but there is no doubt that it will become famous and will be a hit as soon as it finally comes back.



7. Out West




The Fortnite emotes in the Icon Series are beloved by many players and are very popular, but they have not been released in a long time. Out West is another of these emotes that Epic Games has been keeping to itself for almost a year now.


The emote features the song “Out West” by the JACKBOYS, Travis Scott, and Young Thug. The last time that players were able to buy the emote was back in February 2022, but no one has any idea related to when it might make a comeback in the game.



8. Make It Rain




The Make It Rain emote has not been released to the Item Shop in Fortnite for more than a year now. Many fans believed that the emote would be released with the Fortnite x MrBeast collaboration, but this did not happen either.


Despite bringing the emote back to the game, Epic Games released the Beast Blastin’ emote, which was released with the MrBeast bundle. This makes the Make It Rain emote one of the rarest Fortnite emotes as of 2023. The emote was last available in the Item Shop of Fortnite back in December 2021.

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