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How to Check If Fortnite is Down

How to Check If Fortnite is Down
Written by: TheQalamkar

When it comes to online gaming, nothing is as frustrating as sitting down to play a couple of matches and then realizing that the game is not working. There can be many reasons behind this, but the most common problem is a backend server issue which forces the game to be offline. And of course, sometimes it can be due to scheduled maintenance too.


The very first solution to this is to just restart the game, as that tends to solve simple connection problems. But if you’re unsure of whether the issue is on the backend, it can waste a lot of your time trying to fix it from your side.


Being an online game, Fortnite is not safe from such occurrences. So, how do you check if Fortnite is down? Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to find out.





Is Fortnite Down? – How to easily get the answer to this question


There are three effective ways of checking if Fortnite is down, and we’ll go over all three of them.



Check Epic Games’ official page


Epic Games has a dedicated page on their website that lets you know if Fortnite is down. And not only that, but it lets you know in detail if certain things have a problem too. For example, you can see if the Item Shop is working, if Voice Chat is working, if Stats and Leaderboards are working – and so on.




If you just want to see a general answer, just don’t expand the name and you’ll see a simple ‘Operational’ or ‘Offline’ tag next to the Fortnite name.




If you play other online games managed by Epic Games too, such as Rocket League, then you can check the status of those games on this site too.



Check Fortnite Status on Twitter


There is an official account of Fortnite on Twitter, which is dedicated solely to answering questions like if Fortnite is down. This should not be confused with the promotional page, which merely announces new additions to the game.




If the game is down, this account will let you know immediately – which will save you a lot of time. And as soon as the game is back online, this same account will update you on that too.


Additionally, it’s not just the online status of the game that you can see here. Other things like items being removed, emotes being disabled, and other issues related to the game are mentioned too. And even specific problems like only the Android version of the game not logging in properly are addressed here.


If you’re a regular player of Fortnite, this account is very useful to visit every now and then even if Fortnite is not down.



Check if Fortnite is Going Through Maintenance


When it comes to a technical issue, you don’t know when the game will come back online. But fortunately, if Fortnite is scheduled for an official maintenance period – it normally even tells you how long it will be down for.


You can check this by opening the aforementioned Epic Games’ page that lets you know the game’s online status. If you scroll down, you’ll see mentions of maintenance periods and whether they have been completed or not. If there is one slated for the future, you’ll see the information for it.




Additionally, you can find maintenance announcements on the top left side of the lobby screen in Fortnite too – if one is scheduled at the given time. And of course, the Fortnite Status account on Twitter will notify you as well.




That’s everything that you need to know about finding the answer to “is Fortnite down?”

Simply pick the one that is most convenient for you and you’ll never be left in the dark again.

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