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How to Fall 5 Stories or More Without Taking Damage in Fortnite

How to Fall 5 Stories or More Without Taking Damage in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is in full swing, and there’s only a month left before Season 4 kicks in. With the Summer Getaway event currently taking place, players are enthusiastically trying to max out their Battle Passes through the completion of quests, earning them those coveted Battle Stars for some exclusive Super Level skins.


Epic Games never ceases to impress, constantly throwing in the latest quests and events. The new addition to this line-up is the Purradise Quests, which are making waves among players eager to snatch the highly anticipated Purradise Meowscles skin and other enticing rewards.


Now, let’s talk about one of the quests that have players on their toes. It requires you to take a plunge from a height equivalent to or more than 5 stories without your character taking any damage. It might sound daunting, but there’s a nifty trick to make it as smooth as a cat landing on its feet, and, as a cherry on top, earn yourself an alluring Calico Holiday Wrap.


So, sharpen your reflexes and be ready to dive into the action! Fortnite's Purradise Quests are here for a limited time, and you don’t want to miss out on the fabulous prizes and the bragging rights that come with them.




Comprehensive Guide to Ace the 5-Story Fall Challenge in Fortnite Without taking damage




To master this task, there are three crucial steps: Touch down in Mega City, gather your loot, scale a skyscraper, and then take a leap of faith using a Grind Rail.



Make a Grand Entrance in Mega City and loot Up.




Initiate your daring endeavor by parachuting into the bustling Mega City. While the rooftops might be tempting, starting on the streets is a more practical choice as it’s swifter for gathering loot. Skulk through the ground floors, looting as you go. Crouch and weave through buildings to maintain a low profile, you don’t want to be caught off guard and sent back to the lobby.



Elevate Your Game with an Ascender and Reach the Skyline




Once you’re armed to the teeth and stocked up on supplies, hunt for an Ascender to catapult yourself to the top of a towering building. With a plethora of Ascenders peppered throughout Mega City, finding one shouldn’t be a Herculean task. However, ensure that the Ascender you choose has a Grind Rail hitched to the building and is soaring at least 20 meters above the ground. Otherwise, you might find yourself parkouring across rooftops, and that’s a time drain you don’t need.



Glide the Grind Rail and Take a Daring Dive onto the Streets




Now, mount the Grind Rail and let it carry you until you spot an open space below. Keep a vigilant eye for any skirmishes on the ground - you don’t want to be the action hero who lands in the middle of a gunfight. When the coast is clear, gather your courage and take the plunge from the Grind Rail, gracefully descending onto the street below. While Mega City is your best bet, this thrilling stunt can be replicated in other Points of Interest too.


And voila! You’ve successfully completed the challenge and proved that what goes up doesn’t necessarily have to come down hard. Now, go ahead and claim your well-deserved rewards!





Being a Weekly Quest, pulling off a 5-story fall unscathed in Fortnite will net you a sweet 12K XP as soon as you complete it. And that’s not all! It also contributes to your overarching Weekly Quest tally, which tosses a whopping 34K XP your way after every five-ish quests you finish.



Where to fall 5 stories in Fortnite?


The Fortnite map is studded with ample spots for you to execute this daredevil stunt, but if you’re looking for a surefire way to tick this off your list, head straight to the westernmost skyscraper in Mega City. Keep an eye out for a vent on the rooftop. Mount that vent, and with a dash of adrenaline, dash off the edge to the street down below. That plunge should suffice for the quest, and you’ll know you've nailed it when you see a notification pop up as you touch down.


Alternatively, you can take a leap from one of the loftier Grind Rails. But here’s a pro tip: seek out something springy like a vent or umbrella to bounce off from on your descent. This handy maneuver not only saves you from a fatal plummet but will also ensure the fall damage is nulled, letting you land like a pro. Keep this trick up your sleeve; it might come in handy during intense battles too!


So, there you have it – a treasure trove of XP awaits you! Go on and show Fortnite that gravity’s got nothing on you.





Fortnite continues to engage its players with intriguing challenges, and the task of falling 5 stories without sustaining damage is no exception. With strategic planning and a little audacity, you can conquer this challenge effortlessly.


By selecting the right landing spot, such as Mega City, accumulating loot, scaling the heights using an Ascender, and making the daring plunge via Grind Rails or bouncing off vents, you’ll not only accomplish this mission but also earn a hefty amount of XP to boost your gameplay. So, equip yourself with these strategies, embrace your inner daredevil, and make that exhilarating leap, proving that the sky's not the limit in Fortnite. It's all in a day's play for the battle royale virtuosos!


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