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The Best Prop Hunt Map Codes (2023)

The Best Prop Hunt Map Codes (2023)
Written by: Mohsin

Many people grew up playing hide and seek when they were little and might even do so right now! Some creators invented the Prop Hunt Map Codes to make players nostalgic, revive some old memories, and bring a twist to the Creative mode.


These maps are a fun and interesting take on the original hide and seek and quickly became one of the most popular game modes in Fortnite Creative. It is a fairly easy game to play without any complications, so you can play it any time you want, even if it is just to take a breather from the Battle Royale matches.


Prop Hunt Map Codes are pretty exciting because they give hiders the ability to take on the appearance of any object on the map. Your main goal is to hide from the hunters and survive the game until the time runs out.


The hunters, however, must find and eliminate all the hiding places there are before the end of time. So, when searching, make sure you have a keen eye for things that might look different on the map. As a hider, you must try your best to blend in with the surroundings.


You can play this mode either with your friends, or you can also play it with strangers. We have compiled a list of the Best Prop Hunt Map Codes so you won’t have to search for long!



The Best Prop Hunt Map Codes


Following is a list of the Best Prop Hunt Map Codes as of September 2022:


  1. Toy Story Prop Hunt: 8760-1807-7616
  2. Roller Disco Prop Hunt: 3948-7015-9316
  3. Indoor Water Park: 0139-3586-5803
  4. Laser Tag Prop Hunt: 9933-9770-9493
  5. Carnival Prop Hunt: 3119-6798-1923



1. Toy Story Prop Hunt


Island Code: 8760-1807-7616




The Toy Story map is one of the most popular ones, where the hiders are allowed to disguise themselves as toys in a toy store! This is an exciting match, where the seeker has to be on his toes all the time and search through small and big all sizes of toys and objects.


The many small toys and objects make it tough for the person seeking the players out. This map was created by the creator Trizbear, and in this map, the players will get to experience what it is like to be a toy.


The seeker will also have access to a wide variety of tools that should make the quest a little easier for them. The Toy Story Prop Hunt map is the best map to get one started on these maps!



2. Roller Disco Prop Hunt


Island Code: 3948-7015-9316




The Roller Disco Prop Hunt Map gives us some serious ‘80s vibe where the scene is set within a Disco. This is one of the most fun Hunt maps so far, and playing it would definitely take you back to much simpler and groovier times with bright lights.


This map consists of a skating dance floor as well as some arcades, so you can choose to be any arcade or roller skate objects in order to hide from the seekers. Featured on Epic Games’ Discover Tab, this map is definitely worth checking out!


The mechanics of this map are pretty simple and follow the same rules as the other prop hunt maps, but it has its own special little features and twists, which make the game exciting and enjoyable.




3. Indoor Water Park


Island Code: 0139-3586-5803




Are you tired of playing the Battle Royale matches and want to relax beside a pool, sipping margaritas? Well, then, the Indoor Water Park map has got you covered! This Prop Hunt Map was made by a famous Fortnite creator, eatyoushay, who created some other popular maps in the Creative mode.


This map is regarded as a permanent home at the top of Fortnite’s Creative’s browse tab, so there are always players ready to join you in the Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt. This map consists of slides, chairs, umbrellas, lockers, showering facilities, and much more, so you can disguise yourself as anything you like.


Moreover, the players can also hide on top of the water and assume the appearance of water-based items, making it harder for the seeker to seek them out. So, go for a swim in the water using the Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt Map Code provided above!



4. Laser Tag Prop Hunt


Island Code: 9933-9770-9493




This map is set in a laser tag facility that is covered in complete darkness and only illuminated by a couple of neon lights to give off the perfect laser tag vibes. It provides dark corners for the hiders to hide more easily.


The Laser Tag Prop Hunt map consists of innumerable objects ranging from pizza pits to arcades to snack bars this map has it all. This is a beautifully designed map with many intricate details and is exciting to play on with its own thrills.


The seeker has to face some trouble figuring out what the hiders are disguised as because the darkness does not help in seeking them all out. Moreover, this map can only be played by 4 to 16 players. Furthermore, the name of the Laser Tag Prop Hunt Map’s creator is Puzzler.



5. Carnival Prop Hunt


Island Code: 3119-6798-1923




The Carnival Prop Hunt Map puts the players in a festive mood with one of the biggest joys of summertime, i.e., Carnivals! There are so many objects that one can acquire the disguise of since it consists of snack carts, dodge cars, different game stalls, and so much more.


You can explore the park and find your favorite snack or game to hide as and give the seeker an extra hard time. This crazy yet fun map was also made by one of the most famous creators of Fortnite Creative mode, known as eatyoushay.


You might be stuck in your room in the real world, but with the help of this exciting Fortnite map, you can easily get the thrill and excitement of a carnival!

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