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The Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes (2023)

The Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes (2023)
Written by: Mohsin

The players have gone all out with their imagination after the release of Fortnite’s Creative Mode. Different types of maps are being created with all sorts of tasks and goals, each one better and more exciting than the last.


Once you get tired of playing Battle Royale, you can simply head on over to the Creative side and whip something up out of your imagination, or you can play one of the pre-existing maps. There are different themes to these games, such as Hunt game maps, Dropper maps, and many more.


The Horror maps, though, have been taking the Creative world by storm lately and are popular among many players. These maps are the perfect fix for one to get their scary juices flowing and are sure to give nightmares throughout the night.


The main task of these maps is these spooky settings are that you have to solve a bunch of puzzles or escape the haunted location. Some of these can get extremely spooky and creepy, so it is suggested you keep an extra pair of pants with you!


We have compiled a list of the Best Horror Maps in Fortnite along with their codes, so you don’t have to dig deep for the good ones!



The Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes


Here is a list of The Best Fortnite Horror Map Codes:


  1. One Last Sacrifice: 2898-6711-4466
  2. Dead By Fortlight: 8099-5981-3796
  3. Alien Isolation: 4560-5535-3757
  4. Scarecrow Horror Map: 9963-6116-5050
  5. The Apartment: 9833-8062-2391
  6. Alverton Hills Asylum: 9957-4857-6309
  7. Emily Wants To Play: 3959-2728-0956
  8. Subway Escape: 0168-4540-6811



1. One Last Sacrifice


Island Code: 2898-6711-4466




This map is for the daring ones who believe they are not afraid of anything. This might not seem like much, but it is sure to give you some horrifying nightmares once you are done playing with it.


The story behind this Horror map is that you have inherited a farm from the Green family and now are a homeowner. You decide to stay the night in your new residency when things start to go south from there in the creepy sense.


The players will slowly unravel the dark history and weird happenings of that farm that took place as they progress along in the game. Although it starts off a bit slow, if you really want to test your courage, the scare in it is worth the wait.



2. Dead By Fortlight


Island Code: 8099-5981-3796




The creator of this map took the idea from a movie called Death by Daylights and put it into the Creative mode to bring us this blood-curdling map. Dead by Fortlight is sure to creep the bejesus out of the toughest of the tough players.


The story attached to this map is that a giant slasher with an infinity blade is after some teens and wants them dead. The teens are provided with corn to hide behind and need to work together in destroying all the generators if they want to escape and not be monster soup.


Take some of your trusted fellows with you to deceive this monster and escape the forest alive without a scratch!




3. Alien Isolation


Island Code: 4560-5535-3757




Fortnite is a friend to aliens with a whole season dedicated to the intergalactic visitors. In this map, players get to see the evil aliens with a disturbingly horrifying dark side to them, and you will have to escape them.


The makers of this map really went out of the box with this one and might have been inspired by filmmaker Ridley Scott. The players are taken to a spaceship in this Horror map, and from there begin the terrifying events.


The players will have to hide from the aliens and face the ordeal before they are taken away to their planet or are performed experiments on!



4. Scarecrow: Chapter 3


Island Code: 9963-6116-5050




The Armysets are the creators of this scary map which is so popular that it came out in the form of a sequel, with the third chapter being the best. The scene is set on a farm where the players explore different places and have to solve complicated puzzles.


The popularity of the Scarecrow series results from the scares it consists of and the narrative that a player must follow throughout each chapter. If you have not played the first two chapters, it is better if you play them first, but Chapter 3 is definitely the best experience.



5. The Apartment


Map Code: 9833-8062-2391




If you are a fan of jump scares, then this is the ideal map for you that will make you scream and keep you on the edge of your seats. The map is set inside an apartment with every corner of it filled with scarier and creepier jump scares than the last.


The player is guided around the map through a narrative path and will be forced to go through locations triggering more scares as they progress further along. This is one of the most impressive maps to utilize since jump scares are the core of Fortnite Horror!


The only question that remains is, do you have what it takes to go through this map without giving up right at the beginning with just one scare?




6. Alverton Hills Asylum


Map Code: 9957-4857-6309




The Alverton Hills Asylum map is one of the longest and most elaborate maps among all horror maps. It is a cliche where the scene is set in a mental asylum, and you are a journalist trying to investigate the Alverton Hills Asylum and its history.


Somehow, you wake up there with little idea of how you got into the asylum. In order to escape from this terrifying place, you follow in the footsteps of everyone who lived there before, and you get to explore some creepy and horrifying places.


Asylums are always a no-go, even in real life, and many horror movies are based around these asylums. To go into an abandoned one at night is definitely not something that any person can accomplish. Let’s see if you can survive this asylum and come out unscathed.



7. Emily Wants To Play


Map Code: 3959-2728-0956




Emily Wants To Play is one of the scariest maps that this category has to offer, where the player is dressed as a delivery man and walks up to the house. Once he enters the house, the door behind them is locked shut, and they are trapped in the house, looking for their way out.


The voice of thunderstorms while playing the game really sets the mood and can successfully freak one out. As you go around exploring the house, you can feel someone or something haunting you all along. There are different pieces of advice in different rooms that you are not supposed to believe.


Go into the house if you are brave enough and see what surprises await you in that haunted house! Oh, and a pro tip? Emily definitely does not want to just play.



8. Subway Escape


Map Code: 0168-4540-6811




The main story behind the Subway Escape map is that your train has mysteriously crashed into an underground subway. Stuck in the haunted subway, you have to find a way out of this gruesome nightmare.


This map consists of ten horrifying puzzles that are filled with challenging puzzles and of course jump scares. This map is filled with unlimited hours of fun and horror, and you can also play it with your friends which makes it even more exciting and thrilling.


Get on that train and start your journey of exploring an abandoned subway full of mysteries and creepiness!

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