How To Turn Into A Werewolf In Fortnite

How To Turn Into A Werewolf In Fortnite
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The spooky season is a holiday loved by many people, and Fortnite takes Halloween to a whole new level with its fun events, such as Fortnitemare and crazy cosmetics. One of the coolest things you can do during the event is to go through a werewolf transformation!


It is also a requirement as it is one of Fortnitemares first challenges and a great way to receive all the event rewards that are available. This will also help you get started if you want the three event freebies through quest completions. To transform into a werewolf, you must visit an Alteration Altar.



This article will discuss how to turn into a werewolf and where to find the Alteration Altars you need to make it happen.



How To Turn Into A Werewolf



To become a Werewolf in the Fortnite Halloween Event, you must first go to the Alteration Altar. There is always one by the Reality Tree on West Island, where Dj Lyka is performing.


Once you arrive there, you will see a pad with a wolf-head projection beckoning you to take a step inside. In case you do not see any, then know that all the transformations are gone in this game, and you will have to try again next time.



However, once you are inside then, perform the Ritual Emote that becomes available in order to transform into a werewolf.



Werewolf Abilities


You can now use Howler Claws as a weapon to slash at opponents in deadly combos.




Slash is one of the most famous Werewolf abilities granted to you, which allows you to perform a four-hit melee combo on your enemies.


Air Slash


Air Slash allows you to perform a double jump and causes great damage to any opponents nearby once you land.




You can also activate the Wolfscent ability, which repeatedly marks nearby enemies and gives you tracking vision. The mark will appear in a set radius when your character howls. 


If no one is around, Wolfscent will not reveal anything and will instantly enter its cooldown. However, if you are being tracked by Wolfscent, you will hear an audible heartbeat getting louder as a werewolf comes closer to you.



Alteration Altar Locations



Even if you aren’t able to become a werewolf at the Reality Tree, there are several more Alteration Altars located all over the map. The easiest way to see them all is to track the Fortnitemares quest to dance on an Alteration Altar.



This method alone gives away all of the locations. For future reference, you can see their locations above if you have already completed them. However, the go-to location for Alteration Altars is the one mentioned above.

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