How To Tame An Animal In Fortnite

How To Tame An Animal In Fortnite
Written by: Mohsin

Fortnite has changed a lot considerably since its release and keeps on upgrading to a better version with every season. Although the island might have changed a great deal, there is something in the game that survived every change in Fortnite.


By that, we refer to the animals featured in the Battle Royale game, which are more or less the same since their introduction. There have been very few changes to the behavior of the critters present in the game in the latest Season, most notably for the boars and the wolves.



As of right now, there are only five different animals in the game. They can be easily found all over the map, mostly near rivers and some others close to farms and mountains. The crows and frogs haven’t changed and are the same harmless and cute animals they always were.


However, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 did add a new feature to the game where players have the ability to ride the animals such as boars and wolves. Although they have been in the game for some time, it is still recommended that players rebind their controls to charge and dismount before riding them.


These key bindings can be found in the options menu under the rideable control settings. Also, make sure that you do not get caught out if your animal gets tired because you can feed them with thrown food or using a Chug Splash, but you cannot easily replenish stamina.


Your animal will start following you extremely slowly on the off chance that it runs out of stamina. However, with time, it will regain its composure which will allow you to ride it again. In this article, we will guide you on how you can tame these animals, Here we go!



Fortnite Animals


Following is a list of all the animals players can find in Fortnite:


  • Crows: Crows are usually glowing pink or orange, and they drop a weapon of that rarity.
  • Chickens: Chickens drop meat once they die. Players can pick them up and jump to glide for a very short time.
  • Jellyfish: They can be found near Shattered Slabs and emit Chug Splash or a shockwave effect upon their death.
  • Boars: Boars also drop meat once they die. These are creatures that players can ride on and eat vegetables.
  • Wolves: Wolves also drop meat as soon as they die. Once again, these animals are also rideable and eat vegetables.



How To Tame Boars and Wolves In Fortnite


When you see an animal that you want to tame, just run up to it and jump on its back. If done correctly, you will now have successfully tamed the animal. Although this can be pretty difficult sometimes if the wolf or boar starts moving around in random patterns!


2023 01 16_5


The animal will now be yours and you can dismount it or mount it again using the F button!


2023 01 16_4


Whichever beast you choose, it is absolutely crucial that you know how to tame them in Fortnite, so hopefully, you will be able to tame them well from now on!

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