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The 5 Best Esports Tournaments Coming in 2023

The 5 Best Esports Tournaments Coming in 2023
Written by: GreenMcqueen

The esports industry is flourishing and has no plans to slow down. Several individuals
began playing video games as a hobby while looking for amusement and interaction
during travel bans and lockdowns. Since then, the competitive video game scene has
expanded as audiences have increased and video games have become a profitable
source of money. By 2024, there will likely be 577.8 million esports enthusiasts globally.

The major event esports schedule for 2023 is beginning to take form over three months
into the new year. This year will see several events for games like League of Legends,
Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and other well-known esports titles.

The entire year is dedicated to regional leagues and contests that serve as practice for
important finals. When there are renowned championships and significant rewards at risk,
professional teams go above and beyond to win and satisfy their supporters.

There are several big esports events going on right now, some of which have million dollar
awards. In this article, we look at some of the most eagerly awaited events that will occur
in 2023, despite the fact that many of these events do not yet have dates or locations



How to find the best esports betting sites


One of the newest trending pleasures is esports betting. Every day, there are thousands
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Once you've chosen the esport you want to wager on, you must find the top esports
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While some specialist esports betting sites feature a consistent selection of pre-match
and esports live betting odds for more niche games, other betting sites concentrate on
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The International 12 




The Dota Pro Circuit culminates with The International 2023. The competition has been
held twelve times, thus the moniker "The International 12." It will mark the conclusion of
a year of Dota Pro Circuit competition. The team that triumphs at The International
becomes Dota 2 World Champions.

The game's creator, Valve, is the event's host, and it brings together DOTA 2 gamers
from all around the world to participate. Twelve of the best teams compete in the
international event. The tournament prize pool is crowdfunded with a battle pass
mechanism within the game, and it can reach the million-dollar count.



Valorant Champions Tour




The Valorant Champions Tour is one of the eSports community's most eagerly awaited
tournaments. Riot Games has revealed that a brand-new VCT will begin in 2023, and
both fans and professional teams can look forward to the new season with excitement.

More leagues, international tournaments, and collaborations will be introduced in VCT
2023. To level up and advance to Ascension competitions, for instance, challenger events
run concurrently with other tournaments. To top it all off, a brand-new competitive in-game
experience will allow casual gamers to participate in VCT 2023's competitive experience.This fills the gap between VCT and each player's in-game advancement, independent of
their skill level or preferred playing style.



League of Legends Worlds




The League of Legends Worlds returns for its 13th edition, this time in South Korea. This
is the apex of League of Legends competition, and 2023 will be no different. The format,
however, has changed significantly this year.

The play-ins include eight lower-ranked teams, with the top two moving on to the next
round. With 16 teams competing in up to five rounds of matches in a Swiss system, where
teams with the same win-loss record battle against one another until they earn 3 wins or
3 defeats, this second stage has been completely redesigned for 2023.

Eight teams move on to the Knockout Stage, a best-of-5, single-elimination competition,
following the Swiss round. This continues through the Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final
rounds until a World Champion is declared.



BLAST Paris Major




The first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major of 2023 is slated to take place in Paris
for the first time. There are typically two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Majors per year.
The $1.25 million prize pool is the highest of all CS:GO tournaments for 2023 that have
been previously announced.

With teams like FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Heroic, Outsiders, G2 Esports and Team
Liquid all expected to qualify for the tournament, the event will feature 24 of the best
CS:GO teams in the world. The qualification period for the BLAST Paris Major will begin
in April. 



League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational




The League of Legends mid-season tournament, organized by Riot Games, will take
place in London for the first time and make its first trip back to Europe since 2018. More
teams, a two phase elimination play-in, and a knockout phase distinguish this year's
competition from years before.

The 13 teams that will compete in this event will comprise the spring champions from
each of LoL's nine esports regions, as well as the runners-up teams from North America,
Europe, China, and Korea. China's Royal Never Give Up are the current MSI winners,
while Korea's T1 could be a formidable competitor given they placed second at both the
MSI and World Championships last year.

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