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FaZe Clan Announces Game Changers Roster

FaZe Clan Announces Game Changers Roster
Written by: Weeii


FaZe Clan announces a BREAKING entry into the VALORANT Female scene with their new roster for VCT Game Changers NA


Many wish and encourage the bigger organizations in esports to sign female teams as the female scene is often overlooked and needs to be given more support. While Riot did its best to create a safe league for females and marginalized genders to compete in, it’s left in the hands of the community to do the rest. 



The biggest esports Icon has announced that they indeed created a female roster that will start competing in the VCT Game Changers for NA in the next circuit. This is both surprising and pleasing news for the community. 


Even more pleasingly, it was announced just a day before international women’s day. 

The Roster


Follows here a list of the players that are now officially signed to be FaZe’s FIRST All-Female team ever: 


  • Vannesa ‘panini’ Emory
  • Emma ‘Emy’ Choe
  • Diane ‘di^’ Tran along
  • Madison ‘Maddie’ Mann
  • Jennifer ‘refinnej’ Le


We wish that this step from FaZe will help other organizations to step in and create more female rosters which will help the scene immensely. With Riot’s efforts we are thankful to have such a community going on. 


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