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Ubisoft Employees Strike in France Over Salary Dispute

Ubisoft Employees Strike in France Over Salary Dispute
Written by: ASH

In a significant move, over 700 Ubisoft employees across France have walked out in a day-long strike. This action comes after salary discussions fell through. The strike, led by the French game workers union STJV, saw participation from Ubisoft's Paris, Montpellier, Annecy, Lyon, and Bordeaux studios on February 14th. The union had previously announced its intention to strike early in the month, citing unsatisfactory outcomes from the annual salary negotiations.


The STJV criticized Ubisoft's management for proposing a budget for salary increases that did not match inflation rates for the second consecutive year. The union highlighted the discrepancy between the company's financial success and its approach to employee compensation. It argued that despite Ubisoft's profitability and the CEO's calls for efficiency and agility, the proposed salary increases were insufficient, especially given the company's performance exceeding expectations in the second quarter.



Following the strike, the STJV shared an update, revealing that nearly 700 employees participated in the nationwide action. The union expressed gratitude for the support from colleagues and students, emphasizing the collective nature of their struggle.


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This strike action is part of a broader context of discontent within the gaming industry, which has seen significant layoffs and criticisms of management practices at various companies, including Ubisoft. The STJV's actions reflect ongoing concerns about fair compensation and working conditions in the sector.

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