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Elden Ring Director Teases One Last Secret Waiting to be Uncovered

Elden Ring Director Teases One Last Secret Waiting to be Uncovered
Written by: ASH

Elden Ring, the critically acclaimed game directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, still holds one more secret for players to uncover. Despite the vast amount of content already discovered by its dedicated fan base, Miyazaki hints at a "small element" that remains hidden. He expressed his anticipation for players to find this detail, emphasizing the joy and surprise the development team feels as players unravel the game's mysteries.


In an interview with IGN, Miyazaki shared his excitement about the undiscovered aspect of the game. He remained tight-lipped about what it entails or where to find it, leaving it up to the players' interpretation and investigative skills. This statement has sparked curiosity and excitement among the Elden Ring community, known for their dedication to exploring every corner of the game's expansive world.



The revelation came alongside discussions about the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, which promises to be FromSoftware's largest DLC to date. It builds upon George R. R. Martin's contributions and features a world design that seamlessly blends field areas with dungeons. This DLC, along with the hidden element Miyazaki mentioned, continues to add depth and intrigue to the Elden Ring universe.


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As players eagerly await the discovery of this secret, the community's collaborative spirit shines. Elden Ring's world is vast and filled with mysteries, and this latest challenge from Miyazaki only adds to the excitement and sense of adventure that has captivated players since its release.

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