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Nightingale Game to Add Offline Mode After Player Feedback

Nightingale Game to Add Offline Mode After Player Feedback
Written by: ASH

Inflexion Games, the team behind Nightingale, has decided to speed up the creation of an offline mode for their game. They realized they underestimated how much players wanted this feature. Nightingale is a fantasy survival game that was initially designed for online play, especially with friends. However, the demand for a solo, offline experience has been loud and clear from the community.


The developers had originally focused on making a vast, interconnected world for players to explore together. They chose to prioritize online co-op play from the start, leaving out an offline mode. But feedback from players has led them to acknowledge this oversight. Inflexion Games is now working hard to introduce an offline mode as quickly as possible, although they haven't shared a specific timeline for its release.



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This move shows the developer's commitment to listening to their player base and adapting to their needs. It's a reminder of the importance of player feedback in the game development process. Soon, players looking to enjoy Nightingale without the need for an internet connection or the company of others will have their wishes fulfilled.

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