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New Xbox Development Kit Certified in South Korea Today

New Xbox Development Kit Certified in South Korea Today
Written by: ASH

In a recent development that has sparked widespread speculation, a new Xbox development kit has been certified in South Korea, hinting at the potential unveiling of a new Microsoft console. This certification, spotted by KoreaXboxnews on Twitter, showcases a device labeled as model 2089, distinct from the Xbox Series X|S development kits. The certification by Korea's National Research Agency allows the device to be used within the country, suggesting an imminent announcement.


The timing of this certification is particularly intriguing, given recent rumors of a PlayStation 5 Pro. Microsoft's move could be seen as a direct response, possibly introducing a console that matches or surpasses the technical specifications of Sony's rumored intergenerational console. This development follows Microsoft's previous statements dismissing the idea of an intergenerational model after the alleged cancellation of a digital-only Xbox Series X.



Speculation around the nature of the new Xbox device ranges from a portable console fueled by comments from Xbox head Phil Spencer to a completely new generation console. The certification in Korea has historically been a precursor to official announcements, as seen with the Xbox Series X|S, which was certified just five months before its market launch.

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As the gaming community buzzes with anticipation, the exact details of Microsoft's next move remain shrouded in mystery. Whether this new development kit signals the arrival of a next-gen console, a digital-only model, or even a handheld device remains to be seen. However, the certification marks a significant step towards the future of Xbox gaming, promising exciting advancements on the horizon.

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