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Ninja Battles Melanoma as Twitch Star Urges Fans for Regular Health Checks

Ninja Battles Melanoma as Twitch Star Urges Fans for Regular Health Checks
Written by: ASH

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, a renowned streamer known for his Fortnite skills and vast following of 19 million on Twitch, has openly shared his recent melanoma diagnosis. Ninja found out about his condition after a routine dermatologist visit, where a mole under his foot, initially removed as a precaution, was identified as cancerous. This discovery led to further checks, unveiling another concerning spot. Despite the gravity of the news, Ninja remains optimistic, grateful for the early detection, and urges everyone to undergo regular health screenings.



His journey with melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer that can spread to other organs if not caught early, highlights the critical need for sun safety and preventive health measures. Ninja's openness about his diagnosis has sparked an outpouring of support from his fans and fellow streamers, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in personal health.


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This news comes amid Ninja's continued impact on the gaming and streaming world, including his significant return to Twitch in 2020 and ventures beyond gaming, such as his appearance on The Masked Singer US. As the most followed streamer on Twitch, Ninja's story not only raises awareness about melanoma but also about the power of early detection and the importance of regular health checks.

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