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The Best Overwatch 2 Settings For PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

The Best Overwatch 2 Settings For PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch
Written by: ar1essss

Overwatch 2 players have significantly more options in terms of settings than console users. But this still doesn't prevent players on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch from finding the settings that are comfortable for themselves in Overwatch 2. 


Players have dozens of different settings on the PC, ranging from bear sensitivity to various graphics and performance details. While consoles themselves are powerful, to run any game, there are mostly settings related to controller settings.


Best Overwatch 2 Settings For PC


Mouse/Control Settings


  • DPI: 800
  • Sensitivity: 5-7.5
  • eDPI: 4000-6000
  • Zoom Sensitivity: 35-40
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Allied Health Bars: Always
  • Show Friendly Outlines: Always


Video Settings




  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Target Display: Best match
  • Resolution: Your monitor’s native resolution with its native refresh rate
  • Field of View: 103
  • Aspect Ratio: Native aspect ratio
  • V-Sync: Off
  • Triple Buffering: Off
  • Reduce Buffering: On
  • Display Performance Stats: On
  • NVIDIA Reflex: On
  • Display System Clock: On
  • Limit FPS: Display-Based
  • Graphics Quality: Custom
  • Render Scale: 100 percent
  • Texture Quality: Medium
  • Texture Filtering Quality: Medium – 2x
  • Local Fog Detail: Low
  • Dynamic Reflections: Off
  • Shadow Detail: Medium
  • Model Detail: Low
  • Effects Detail: Low
  • Lightning Quality: Low



Best Overwatch 2 Settings For Xbox, PlayStation and Switch




  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 45
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 45
  • Aim Assist Strength: 95
  • Aim Assist Window Size: 70
  • Aim Assist Legacy Mode: Off
  • Aim Assist Ease In: 20
  • Aim Smoothing: 0
  • Aim Ease In: 20
  • Invert Vertical Look: Off
  • Invert Horizontal Look: Off
  • Vibration: Off
  • Switch Movement and Look Sticks: Off
  • Legacy Sticks: Off
  • Aim Technique: Linear Ramp


Gyro settings


  • Invert Gyro-Aiming Pitch Axis: Off
  • Invert Gyro-Aiming YAW Axis: Off
  • Invert Gyro-Aiming Roll Axis: Off
  • Gyro-Aiming Pitch Axis Sensitivity: Eight
  • Gyro-Aiming YAW Axis Sensitivity: Zero
  • Gyro-Aiming ROLL Axis Sensitivity: 12
  • Disable Gyro While Using Stick: On


If you're curious about how to boost your FPS in Overwatch 2, check out our article about it.

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