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How To Change Crosshair In Overwatch 2 On PC, Xbox And PlayStation

How To Change Crosshair In Overwatch 2 On PC, Xbox And PlayStation
Image Credit: Blizzard
Written by: ar1essss

The default crosshair in Overwatch 2 is certainly not bad, and you can play with it, but the custom one is even better. Thanks to the settings, you can create your own unique sight, which will be very pleasant and convenient to use. Thank goodness that the range of different settings in Overwatch 2 allows you to do this.


Aiming is one of the most essential things in any game of the FPS genre. It is your tool with which you can win games, increase your rank and enjoy the process. Advanced players in Overwatch 2 even use different sights for individual heroes. But for beginners or those who just want to play a few hours on the weekend in Overwatch 2, you can simply set up one of the popular sights, and play with it.


crosshair overwatch 2


How To Change Crosshair In Overwatch 2 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC


You can change your aim in Overwatch 2 in a matter of seconds without leaving the game:


  • Open the game.
  • In the main menu, press the "Esc" button. If you are on a PlayStation or Xbox, press the ‘Options‘ or ‘Menu‘ button on your respective controller.
  • Then open the "Controls" tab.
  • Under the "General" settings, scroll down until you come across the "Reticle" option and click on "Advanced."
  • You can change the type of your crosshair: "Circle", "Crosshairs", "Circle and Crosshairs," or "Dot".
  • In Advanced settings, you’ll come across multiple options to enhance your crosshair. Tweak its colors and utilize the sliders until you find a combination that works best for you.


Everything is ready. Now you can go to conquer the tops in different modes in Overwatch 2 with your new, unique, and personal crosshair.


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