Overwatch 2 Support Tier List (2023): All Heroes Ranked From Best To Worst

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List (2023): All Heroes Ranked From Best To Worst
Written by: Shizza

In Overwatch 2, the Support role is one of the most crucial roles in the game. This role consists of Heroes that offer Healing and other beneficial abilities to their team.


In order to figure out who is the most powerful and most versatile in the current meta. We have compiled a tier list ranking of all of the Support Heroes, which is quite important and might come in handy.



This list serves as a valuable resource for both new players who are looking for some guidance and seasoned veterans looking for a refresher on the strengths and weaknesses of each Support Hero in Overwatch 2.



The Best Support Heroes In Overwatch 2


Here is a list of all the best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2, ranked from best to worst, so check it out!


1. Baptiste




Baptiste is a strong and versatile Support Hero who is excellent at regenerating health and causing damage to his enemies. His unique ability, known as the Amplification Matrix, increases the effectiveness of all of the team members’ healing powers.


On the other hand, his Immortality Field creates a zone that prevents his allies from dying for a short period. He is the best Support Hero, as his kit is based on AoE healing.



2. Moira




The Support Hero Moira has the ability to heal as well as deal damage. Her Biotic Grasp allows her to heal her team members and damage opponents, both at the same time.


Her ultimate ability, Coalescence, will rejuvenate all team members, impair all enemies it passes through, and has no damage or heal fall-off based on distance. She is a pretty good pick, as she can dish out an equal amount of damage and healing for her teammates.



3. Lucio




Lucio is another exceptional Support Hero who provides speed boosts as well as healing to his team members. His Crossfade allows him to switch between a speed boost and a healing aura which makes him a versatile option.


His Soundwave ability is a knockback that can also disrupt the enemy lines. His ultimate power, Sound Barrier, provides a shield to all of his teammates present within the area, helping him to push the site and even hold one.


Lucio can be used alongside a flanking hero to take out the enemy’s backline, which makes the duo nearly invincible with the speed boost he provides.



4. Zenyatta




Zenyatta is a Support hero who specializes in providing Healing and crowd control. Players can use his Orb of Harmony ability can use to heal a team member, whereas his Orb of Discord ability can amplify damage dealt to an opponent.


His ultimate ability, Transcendence, provides a strong healing aura to all of the team members present in the area. An equally excellent pick, he is mostly the character who plays the role of a more traditional Support hero.


He is an AoE healer which makes him an exceptional choice for beginners. Zenyatta is more of a situational pick than a sure pick which places him at our number 4th spot.



5. Brigitte




Brigitte is another one of the famous Support Heroes who specializes in providing Healing as well as melee combat. Her Repair Pack ability can be used to heal her team members, whereas her Rocket Flail ability can damage her opponents.


The Ultimate ability of Brigitte, also known as Rally, provides a speed boost and a temporary shield to all of her teammates present in the area. Her melee damage abilities and the fact that she provides protection like the tank heroes make her an amazing choice for Overwatch 2 Support Hero players.



Thus, the hero is placed at the number 5th spot on our list since the other characters are also gifted with range attack abilities.



6. Mercy




Mercy is a Support hero who specializes in providing Healing. Her Caduceus Staff ability can heal team members, whereas her Caduceus Blaster can damage her enemies. Her ultimate ability, Valkyrie, allows her to fly and provides a strong boost to her regeneration and destruction abilities.


Her ability and movement mechanics make her a very strong Support hero but not as powerful as the others on this list.



7. Kiriko




Kiriko is an exceptional Support hero in Overwatch 2 for a couple of reasons. At first, the hero has impressive mobility owing to her Swift Step ability, allowing her to get to her squad members in need very quickly.


Second of all, her Healing Ofuda ability allows her to heal several allies at the same time, and her Kunai ability gives her a great deal of offensive power. Lastly, Kiriko’s Protection Suzu ability can protect and help her team members for a few seconds, which allows her team to survive big damage spikes.



Kiriko is gifted with tons of abilities, but she becomes adamant when it comes to mastering them, adding to the fact that the Hero is in no way near Ana’s toughness.



8. Ana




Ana is one of the Support heroes who specializes in providing Healing as well as crowd control. Players can use her Biotic Rifle ability to heal their teammates or to damage their enemies, depending on what the situation is like.


Her Sleep Dart ability can put her enemies to sleep, which will make them vulnerable enough to attack. Her ultimate ability, the Nano Boost, provides a strong boost to a teammate’s abilities.



Ana is the most formidable hero to gain control over in Overwatch 2 since a player needs almost perfect aim-to-land shots and a lot of game sense to play around the map. The rest of the heroes on this list are way more forgiving.

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