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How To Play Kirko Properly In Overwatch 2!

How To Play Kirko Properly In Overwatch 2!
Written by: Mohsin

Overwatch 2 has introduced many new changes and features in the fast-paced first-person shooter. Out of these things, there was one that attracted many players and caught their eye, which was Kiriko.



Her power has only increased in Overwatch 2 Season 2, and she was the first hero to arrive in Season 1. This article is entirely a Kiriko guide for players to understand her better, master her and annihilate their enemies with her. 


Here is all of the information one must know about Kiriko and how they can make the best use of her during a match.



Kiriko’s Lore In Overwatch 2




Kiriko belongs to a line of protectors who used to follow traditional paths to both heal and protect the people who resided in Kanezaka. Her Grandmother followed the Fox Spirit, which gifted her with healing powers, and her mother followed the Path of the Blade.


Kiriko possessed skills from both the paths of her Grandmother as well as her mother. Both the paths combined gave her the power to follow the paths of both healing and destruction. With both paths in front of her, Kiriko ended up making a path for herself which was to be a hero for the people who needed her the most.



Kiriko’s Weapons




Kiriko possesses two major weapons in Overwatch 2, which are her Healing Ofuda and her Kunai. Both of these weapons have their special uses and must be used carefully.



Healing Ofuda


Her Healing Ofuda allows players to throw paper-like talismans at their team members. Luckily, the Ofuda comes with a homing element to it, so your aim does not have to be extremely accurate when you are in an urgent situation. If you hit your teammates with this weapon, it will heal them.




Kiriko’s Kunai is way more damaging as compared to her Healing Ofuda, but it is still not very dangerous. Instead, the weapon was designed and developed around critical hits, so if players aim for their enemies’ heads, they will take them more efficiently and quickly.



Kiriko’s Abilities


Kirko possesses four abilities that mainly help her travel to different parts of the map and support her team members easily. The four abilities are as follows:


  • Wall Climb


    • Players will climb the walls when they jump toward them.


  • Swift Step


    • This ability allows players to teleport directly to a teammate by ignoring any walls that may or may not be in the way.


      • Max Range: 30 Meters
      • Cooldown: 7 seconds


    • Protection Suzu


      • The Protection Suzu ability grants players a projectile that causes team members within the area to be invulnerable and cleansed of the most negative effects.



  • Healing: 50
  • Duration: 0.75 seconds
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds


    • Kitsune Rush – Ultimate


      • This Ultimate grants players the ability to summon a fox spirit that will increase their as well as their allies’ movement, attack speed, and cooldowns.


        • Move. speed: +50%


  • Max. range: 25m
  • Rate of fire: +25%
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Cooldown: +60% cooldown reduction



Kiriko Skins




There are tons of different skins for Kiriko, out of which most are in rotation in the Overwatch 2 store. Following are the different skins for Kiriko:


  • Matsuri
  • Athleisure
  • Classic
  • Sukajan
  • Streetwear
  • Halloween
  • Ajisai / Fuji / Take / Tanpopo
  • Hinotori


Her Streetwear skin was available through the Twitch drops; however, it is not clear as of right now if there will be another opportunity to unlock it now that the opportunity has passed.



How To Unlock Kiriko In Overwatch 2


Kiriko can now be unlocked through plenty of challenges in Overwatch 2 that can be completed at any time. The Support hero was previously unlocked via the Season 1 Battle Pass, but Blizzard Entertainment has given players the opportunity to play as Kiriko even after the end of the season.


Following is a list of all of the challenges players need to complete in order to unlock Kiriko in the game:


  • Practice Swift Step: Use the Swift Step ability through a wall to an allied bot in the Practice Range as Kiriko.


  • Practice Healing Ofuda: Players must heal 250 damage with the Healing Ofuda in the Practice Range as Kiriko to complete this challenge.


  • Wins for Kiriko: Players will need to win 35 games queued as All Roles or playing Support heroes in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or No Limits to complete this specific challenge.


  • Practice Kitsune Rush: At the same time, buff two allied bots with the Kitsune Rush ultimate in the Practice Range as Kiriko.


  • Practice Kunai Crits: Players must get two critical kills with Kunai in the Practice Range as Kiriko.


  • Practice Wall Climb: Use Kiriko’s passive Wall Climb in the Practice Range while being her.


  • Practice Protection Suzu: Use the Protection Suzu ability on two allied bots at the same time in the Practice Range as Kiriko.


These challenges will surely permanently unlock Kiriko in Overwatch 2 for you. Moreover, they will also serve as a crash course on Kiriko’s abilities and how to make the most of them before heading into a new match.



Tips On How To Play Kiriko




Since Kiriko is primarily a Support character in the game, players must be careful when using her in a match. It is recommended that players aim carefully with the Kunai, as headshots are where some serious damage occurs.


Secondly, one should also be really careful when using their Ultimate and healing abilities because of the long cooldowns and the value of their power.


Thirdly, Kiriko is not in the match just to help out her team members. Instead, use Swift Step and Wall Climb to earn a great advantage over your opponent and keep the ultimate at the ready, especially when you are rushing with your team members.



Lastly, Overwatch 2 provides support characters with several indicators regarding the state of their teammates' health. In case your team member has health below 50 percent, they will have a huge plus sign on their body with the word “Critical” written on it.


Moreover, their aura will turn bright orange when they are extremely low on health, so you know they are the ones to focus on. It is Kiriko’s job to carefully watch over her teammates’ health in order to make sure that all of them get healing whenever they need it.

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