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Tips and Tricks For Support Players in Overwatch 2

Tips and Tricks For Support Players in Overwatch 2
Written by: NutellaOwl

Blizzard Entertainment's thrilling first-person shooter (FPS), Overwatch 2, introduces a brand-new ranking system. The game has revitalized the competitive landscape for enthusiastic players, particularly after transitioning from a free-to-play format to a subscription-based model.


Overwatch 2 offers three distinct playable classes: Tanks, Damages, and Supports. While the other two classes are essential to team compositions, Supports are arguably the team's foundation.



With low health pools and diverse, unique abilities, Support characters might seem slightly perplexing to newcomers or monotonous to seasoned players. In this article, we'll provide some engaging and practical tips for Support players in Overwatch 2.


If you enjoy playing the Support role, continue reading this article to enhance your gameplay experience!





Tips and Tricks for Support Players in Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2 features a total of eight Support heroes, each equipped with distinct abilities, skills, and debuffs. These characters fortify and empower their team by healing teammates and delivering vital utility to either hinder opponents or grant allies an edge.


4045827 overwatch 2 ana


Support roles aren't designed for players who prefer a gentle, peaceful approach. In fact, they can be more challenging to play than DPS roles, as they demand exceptional awareness and the capacity to keep teammates alive while also engaging in combat.


Supports can make or break a match, serving as the team's lifeline. But fear not—with these five useful tips, you can develop your Support skills and quickly elevate your Overwatch 2 rank.


Explore these five valuable tips for players who opt for the Support role in Overwatch 2.



1. Selecting the Ideal Support Hero


Although the term "Support" encompasses all eight heroes, each one boasts specific, unique abilities and skills. This implies that identifying the right Support hero to suit your playstyle is crucial.


4045828 overwatch 2 kiriko


Heroes such as Brigitte, Moira, and Baptiste possess kits that deal substantial damage and heal teammates. Conversely, characters like Ana, Kiriko, and Mercy excel in providing comprehensive healing capabilities.


Ultimately, the choice of hero rests with the player, even though selecting the Support role entails the responsibility to cooperate with teammates and assist them to the fullest extent during a match.


No player in the Overwatch 2 multiplayer queue wants to team up with a healer who neglects to heal while accumulating meaningless damage statistics.



2. Recognizing When to Sacrifice Yourself


As a Support player, you might have accompanied a Tank or DPS into a perilous situation to rescue them, only to end up with both of you getting eliminated. Alternatively, you might have perished while your teammate miraculously escaped.


4045823 overwatch 2 baptiste


In most cases, it's preferable to let your teammate sacrifice themselves willingly. As a Support, your survival is as crucial as keeping your team alive. If you're continually being defeated, your team is essentially competing without a healer.


There are exceptions, like using Ana's Biotic Grenade on your Reinhardt to finish off a team kill, even if it means putting yourself at risk. With practice and experience, you'll learn when self-sacrifice benefits the team.



3. Embracing the Support Role, Not Just Healing


As the heading suggests, you're playing a Support hero, which means you shouldn't only focus on healing numbers. In Overwatch 2, mastering other abilities, like Zenyatta's Orb of Discord or Brigitte's Rocket Flail, determines your versatility as a Support hero.


4045822 overwatch 2 brigitte


Even if you're playing a primary healer like Mercy, don't forget to aid teammates with Damage Amp. Strive for a balance between damage, utility usage, and healing.


Adapt your strategies to your team's pace and prioritize assistance for those securing kills and objectives.



4. Overcoming Fear of Engaging in Battles


It's recommended that Overwatch 2 Support players position themselves with or behind their team. However, participating in fights can sometimes be beneficial.


4045820 overwatch 2 moira


As a Support, seize opportunities to deal damage and increase your team's damage output. Don't hesitate to engage alongside your team, as it often provides an advantage over the enemy.


If you're being pursued, sometimes it's better to confront the threat instead of fleeing. Rally your teammates, regroup, and strike together.



5. Using Your Ultimate Effectively


A critical aspect of playing Support in Overwatch is maximizing your ultimate ability. Used correctly, it can shift the momentum of a game.


Defensive ultimates like Zenyatta's Transcendence or Lucio's Sound Barrier are particularly impactful during intense team fights or when countering powerful offenses.


4045818 overwatch 2 mercy


Baptiste's Amplification Matrix and Ana's Nanoboost are potent offensive ultimates despite being part of a Support hero's kit. Strategic usage can give your team the edge while advancing.


Combining your ultimate with a Tank's or DPS's, coupled with good teamwork, creates a formidable force.





By following the five essential tips outlined in this article, you'll have a strong foundation for success as a Support main. Don't be intimidated by the role and strive to embrace it.


Practice consistently, learn from professionals or experienced players, and adapt or modify their playstyles. Over time, your Support skills will develop, and these tips will become second nature.

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