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How To Level Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Fast: Challenges, Parties

How To Level Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Fast: Challenges, Parties
Image Credit: Blizzard
Written by: ar1essss

The developers of Overwatch have made some changes in the second part of their game related to the pumping of the account. If you were boosting your character in the original part, you're boosting your Battle Pass. To reach the maximum level of 80, you need to earn 800,000 XP in one season while this Battle Pass is in effect. That's an impressive number, and you'll have to spend several days playing time doing it. But some ways can make life easier for you in reaching the 80 tier.



How To Level Up Quickly In Overwatch 2


Complete Challenges


One of the easiest and most interesting ways to quickly gain experience for Battle Pass is with challenges. There are three types of challenges to choose from daily, weekly, and lifetime.


Completing the daily challenges will grant you 3,000 XP per challenge, meaning you can get up to 9,000 XP every day. Given that you need to earn 10,000 XP to reach each next tier, you can go up to 80 tier daily only this way.


The weekly challenges give you 5,000 XP upon completion. Since there are 11 for you to do each week, that will be 55,000 XP in total or five tier increases.


Lifetime challenges bring much less than daily and weekly challenges, only 500 XP, so don't devote most of your time to them in Overwatch 2. Daily and weekly challenges are our everything.



Complete Matches With Friends


Playing matches is the easiest and most effective way to get XP in Overwatch 2. First of all, it allows you to do those very daily and weekly tasks. And it's also worth playing matches together with your friends, because it gives a small additional percentage to the total XP earned for the game.


Buy The Battle Pass


If you buy the premium version of the Battle Pass then you’ll be granted an additional 20% of your XP throughout the season. This applies to every match you play, not the rewards from the challenges. It may be a costly attempt to get more XP but that 20% off can be particularly useful if you’re looking to get to tier 80 on Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass.

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