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Overwatch 2 Enthusiasts Believe They've Uncovered the Next Hero

Overwatch 2 Enthusiasts Believe They've Uncovered the Next Hero
Written by: NutellaOwl

A couple of weeks ago, the Overwatch development team shared several intriguing clues about the upcoming two heroes. They mentioned that these heroes would have a "cute" appeal, similar to Mercy, but not quite like a bunny.


The developers also hinted that the forthcoming Support Hero would have a distinct and completely unique kit, featuring "mechanics that will be really interesting to watch unfold in high-level games."


Despite limited information about the new hero in Season 4, the Overwatch community has been abuzz with speculation about potential candidates from existing Overwatch lore.




Possible Overwatch 2 Support Hero Uncovered by Players


A Reddit post that gained significant attention highlighted an interesting interaction between characters D.Va and Tracer.


In this exchange, D.Va mentions introducing Tracer to Overlord, describing him as the best pilot she knows.




Overlord is part of the MEKA squad, a team of South Korean pilots who collaborate with D.Va to safeguard their country from threats. Notably, back in 2022, the developers expressed interest in adding more MEKA squad members as heroes, but they didn't have any official plans at the time.



Could the Next Overwatch 2 Hero be from a Comic?


Some fans theorized different possibilities for the Support Hero of Overwatch 2 Season 4. In another widely-shared internet post, a user proposed that Lynx 17 might be the new addition to the game.




The player reasoned that Lynx 17, as Zarya's only Omnic ally and having also met Sombra, enables tanks and fits the cute description. While some fans were skeptical about introducing another Omnic hero shortly after Ramattra, the wait for the new character's unveiling shouldn't be too long.


Overwatch 2 Season 4 is scheduled to commence in April, with the new hero likely being revealed shortly before that. Fans are eager to see if the new character is a familiar face or someone entirely new to the Overwatch universe.

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